The update

As I mentioned yesterday, we went for Boeta’s 6 months off treatment sonar.  He wasn’t impressed when I told him that he had to be nil per mouth (to make sure the camera sees your tummy and not the food in your tummy) and even less impressed when he realised that all of this meant that there was the faintest possibility that the krokkenoster might be back.  The implication sent him very nearly into hysterics.  So yes, he does remember.  And he immediately launched into a long explanation detailing how the krokkenoster was dead adn not in his tummy and how it wasn’t necessary to take pictures.  But we did.

And by the grace of God, it was a perfect sonar. 

Carien meanwhile hasn’t had a shadow of a fever since Monday and I haven’t given her any antibiotics or fever medication or anything.  Should she get grommets?  Am I indeed a hyperactive mom?  I still don’t know.

But I will leave you with a couple of pictures of the two. 

Wouter, Woutertjie and Carien waiting for the sonar.  For the first time ever Boeta was excited about putting on the gown.  Maybe because Carien was so jealous of the gown? 

Striking a pose.

Ready for the sonar.

Do you want to see a couple of recent pictures?  Well, here they are anyway.

Carien cuddling up to her cousin Dewalt, Japie’s son.

Boeta wanted to go with Wouter to buy pizza.  Wouter didn’t want the kids to go with (it takes a loooot of time to accommodate them) so I lied to my children and told them that there were germs at the pizza store so they couldn’t go.  Whereupon Boeta ran to his room and returned with a pair of underpants – he couldn’t find a surgical mask like the ones he wore when he was neutropenic so he improvised.  Note that the important bits are correct.  His nose and mouth are covered and we think it was a clean pair of underpants.  Perfect.

We baked cake.  But while the cake cooled they had to take a nap.  This was taken about 80 seconds after they woke up.  They spent the rest of the afternoon icing the cakes.  The results were … unique.

Every mother knows to investigate immediately when the children become very quiet.  I didn’t.  And then I found the floor of Boeta’s room covered in scattered (clean!!!) clothes that were removed from the cupboard by my two engineers.  They had to do it, since they wanted to play “ide en seek”.  They “ide-ed” 😉 and I didn’t have to spend a lot of time seeking once they called me to “see where we are”.

To give you an idea of how high they climbed, here is the full length photo.  I don’t know how they got up there and in there.  I do know that it took ages to return the room to some sort of order. 🙂


6 Responses

  1. Die mannetjie het ‘n mooi bos hare gekry!

  2. pragtige fotos! Ek is so bly die Krokkenoster is weg en bly weg.

    Ja,nee ek is baie beindruk met die man se boskaas!

  3. Wow, what beautiful fun photos of the kiddies! You can see on the photos how happy and impressed with themselves they are. Enjoy it!!!

  4. Jislaaik maar hulle lyk goed – Carien met haar kort haartjies en Boeta met … Wel… Hare 🙂

  5. LOVE all his hair 🙂 and LOL at the climbing
    Fab news that you got the all clear :))

  6. Die sonar se uitslae is die wonderlikste nuus. Ek is mal oor die foto’s in die kas. Dit is so spesiaal.

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