Grommets it will be

I got an appointment with Dr Pentz this afternoon.  Carien’s fever hit 41C last night so I think it was time. 

He says that there is definitely some infection in her ears, but it doesn’t appear to be bad enough to cause such a high fever.  Either way, based on the fact that she was supposed to come for a checkup after 3 courses of antibiotics tomorrow, and showed up today with her 4th bout of middle ear infection, he is recommending grommets.  He wanted to do it on Wednesday but my mom is only arriving back from Port Elizabeth (where she visited my father’s sister and family) at 11:00 on Wednesday so that won’t work.  Someone has to take care of Woutertjie while I stay with Carien.

It will now be done on Friday.  Since Carien seems so much better tonight (and seems to have a light gastro) I suspect that the fever may have been non-ear related.  I don’t know if I should go ahead with the grommets or cancel.  I don’t know.  I hope I make up my mind before they wheel her into theatre.


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  1. Doen die grommets – dit maak ‘n helse verskil!! En BAIE NB vir spraakontwikkeling, ok, klaar gepraat… *

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