Guess what?

I wish I could say “you’ll never guess” but I think you just may. 

Carien has fever. 

I told you you would be able to guess.

Last night was a very bad night, the way it usually is when she has fever.  She is niggly and iffy and soon after the fever meds begin to work she tells me that she is done sleeping.  By then Boeta is awake too (he wakes as soon as anyone makes any move in the house) and then I have to get both of them back to sleep.  Fortunately Wouter moved to another room so he at least got a good night’s sleep.

Japie*, Wouter’s brother, took a look at Carien this afternoon and her ears and tonsils are acting up.  We were supposed to go back to Dr Pentz on Tuesday to make sure that Carien’s ears are fully cleared.  As soon as his receptionist answers the phone I am changing that appointment to tomorrow.  And this time he had better feel sorry for me!  *you should hear my laughing at my own joke now – it is quite sad*

The poor child’s temperature has been hovering between 37.5 and 40.8 the whole day.  The medication doesn’t bring it down completely.  And I am a multi-medicator, complementing one with the other.  So this is serious hard core business.  Wish me luck for tonight.

*He is an ophthalmologist.  An eye doctor.  I asked him what to do after Carien cracked her tooth in half.  He told me to give her Panado and come back when one of the bits of teeth hit her in the eye – then he will know what to do  <insert rolling eyes>.  Based on that confession

(1) I am 99% sure he looked in her ears (I was there – 64% of the certainty is based on my personal observation) and

(2) I am 40% sure he saw something wrong in her ears. 

OK, make that 50%.  Just because he is family and I do love him.


5 Responses

  1. I hope she is better soon!!


  2. Wat is dit met hierdie kieme? My seuntjie is ook al permanent op anti-biotika vanaf Augustus. Net as mens dink dit gaan goed dan begin die neusie weer loop en dan volg die hoes. Wanneer gaan dit end kry?
    Sterkte! Dink daar is so baie mense wat dieselfde voel as jy…

  3. Ai, I really wish you guys a bit of a break from all this sickness.

  4. hou op die kind anti koors medisyne ingee. hou haar net koel en laat die koors sy gang gaan. Dis die liggaam se manier om die outo immununiteit te laat inskop. sy gaan vinniger gesond word as jy haar liggaam toelaat om homself te herstel.

  5. You make me chuckle out loud sometimes.

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