And now I am healthy too

What are the odds?

The last couple of days my throat has been immensely sore.  But only on one side.  So sore that I seriously started considering spitting instead of swallowing….  See – rie – aaas.

So I made an appointment with our GP for today.  Off we went – the children adore anything that resembles medical attention so they always go with.  To find out that there is nothing obviously wrong on the sore side of my throat (that isn’t sore anymore today – how does this work???) but that I have an ulcer of some kind on the other side.  I guess that I had one on the sore side that cleared up.  I really hope this (new?) one doesn’t become more painful.

On the plus side, Boeta’s chest received the all clear.  He still has a nasty cough but his lungs are fine.  I am so relieved.

And Carien’s ears are absolutely perfectly clear.  Not a trace of infection.  I wish I could show you our GP’s face when

1.  I told her that Dr Pentz said Carien’s ears were OK and

2.  When she saw for herself that it was.

Moral of the story?  Next time we will do Orelox and Prelone from the start. 

Just for the record and for in case Adriaan Pentz ever reads this:

I like him.  He seems to be a very competent doctor.  After all, Gerrit sent us to him and if Gerrit thinks he is OK he has to be fabulous.  And I have no doubt that Carien’s ears were in fact a lot better that day.  But he shouldn’t have been so infuriatingly calm and reasonable.  I don’t appreciate calm and reasonable.  It is just not acceptable*. 


*It is like when you are all revved up for a fight and your significant other remains calm and, dare I say it, reasonable.  It sucks.


2 Responses

  1. Ummm….how to come up with a reasonable answer to this post…..ummm….

  2. Vra ek jou, Wouter.

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