We are back to -itis

For the past 2 months at least one of us has been sick.  We have been taking turns in no particular order.  Until now Boeta handled it all well and at his worst had a runny nose.  Carien finished her second course of antibiotics (for ear infection) during the weekend and on Monday I made an appointment with our GP for Tuesday, just to have her make sure that Carien’s ears are completely clear this time.

Monday night Carien had a fever of 39C.  On Tuesday morning Boeta was listless and had a fever of 38.5C.  So instead of “yes, her ears are clear, have a good day” the children were both miserable. 

As I expected, Carien has ear infection again.  Or still, depending on how you look at it.  Her tonsils aren’t happy either, but not too badly so.  So she is now on her 3rd course of antibiotics in the last month.  Yes, month.  Added to that is a bit of Iliadin nasal spray and a lot of steroids.  We are seeing the ENT (ear, nose, throat doctor) tomorrow and will then get a date to get grommets for her.  I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep in a very long time (she tends to spread her misery around) and right now I will have her toe nails extracted if that will cure her ears.  I am quite desperate.

Boeta on the other hand….

The GP listened to his lungs.  Then listened some more.  And some more.  And declared that he either had very bad bronchitis or more likely, pneumonia.  So she got on the phone with Gerrit and he said what I thought he would:  first x-rays (to see if it is pneumonia) and then immediately to his rooms.  So off we went.  Between leaving at the GP’s and driving to hospital I gave Boeta medicine for his fever.  By the time we got to Gerrit (a loooooong time later – X-rays take time) Boeta went from being totally lethargic and unwilling to walk to being his normal self.  Gerrit just shook his head – between him and the GP they thought Boeta will have to be admitted.

In the end, it is indeed pneumonia.  Fortunately in the early stages.  And Gerrit is a wonderful, wonderful person.  He thinks we spent enough time in hospital already and therefore we are home.  I am keeping a beady eye on Boeta and should he get worse I will take him back.  He is on some hardcore antibiotics that tastes really vile.  R e a l l y  vile.  Let’s hope it works.

I am on the verge of a breakdown.  Carien is a diva at best of times.  When she is sick (like she’s been the last month) she is just plain impossible.  She is screaming and crying at everything and everyone.  Boeta doesn’t help.  He teases her constantly and further gets on her already fragile nerves.  And on mine.

Boeta is running around like there is nothing wrong with him.  Of course this causes him to cough his pretty little lungs up but it still doesn’t make him take it slowly.  I don’t understand this child.

So please think of me tomorrow and in the days to come.  I am climbing the walls by late morning.  By lunch I need tranquilisers.  By evening I look at my children and marvel at my self-restraint for not having harmed them in the preceding hours.  It is that kind of week.


4 Responses

  1. O wee I know those like those. Wine’oclock starts at least two hours earlier and anyone that looks like they might consider helping should and will be roped in. Good luck!!

  2. Sterkte vriendin. Actually dink ek dis goed vir Boeta om baie te beweeg en te hoes – maak die slym los. Soortvan fisio sonder dat jy daarvoor hoef te betaal 🙂

    Hoop hulle is albei gou beter.

  3. Joe!

    Hoe het die ander karakter in die Kuifie-stories altyd gesê: drie-en-dertigduisend-dronk-duiwels….

    Baie, baie genade vir jou gebid. (Het jy darem iemand naby wat kan help?)

  4. EK hoop teen hierdie tyd voel almal al beter. Die grommets gaan jou lewe verander – ek belowe! En oor die longontsteking – hierdie jaar gaan daao verkoue na bronchitus na longontsteking in ure – ek self het daar gedraai noudie dag.

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