I am so blogger’s blocked (like writer’s block but more high tech).  I started two different posts tonight and ended up deleting both.  I’ve never deleted a post before.  I keep on hammering at it until it works.  But the inspiration is just completely missing tonight.

So I’ve decided to sit back and see what my fingers are going to do. 

I had typing as a Matric subject.  For two reasons.  One was that I did well in it and figured that it would improve my average nicely (which it did) and secondly it was up against biology in the subject selections.  And I didn’t see myself as a biologist at all.  Ever.  Imagine my surprise when I turned out to be a biologist (biochemistry – same difference 😉 ).  But admittedly, a biologist who can blind type with the best of them.  Being a champion typist has been verrrrry helpful while studying and writing my thesis.  So in total I think I did good.

Back to the point, I sometimes find that my fingers are typing things before I think of it.  Almost like the thought bypasses my consciousness and takes the highway to my fingers.  So if I manage to relax completely I sometimes come up with the most astonishing written stuff, none of which I actively thought up.

Which either proves that I have even more talent than anyone thought I had (and that would put me right on par with the Bard himself) or that I am even more messed up than anyone thought I was (and that would be plain scary).  Personally I think it means that I have very talented fingers.  And they have spoken.

So now that they have had their say I will bid you goodnight.  I am taking them off for their beauty sleep.  And mine of course.  What a tough life.


2 Responses

  1. Suzanne I am with you on the talented fingers thing, some of my best assignments have been written at 2am when my brain has not been in gear and my fingers have completely and competently done the work 😀
    Hope you slept well and that the block ends soon.
    Love and prayers

  2. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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