We have to work on perceptions…

First up, Woutertjie’s fever cleared up.  Even viri* are scared of my mommy voice.  I am feeling so much better.  Thank you for indulging my paranoia.

I am the first to admit that I am the world’s worst housewife.  I write “unemployed” on forms asking for my occupation because I can’t in good faith drag the universally honoured profession of housewife down to my level like that. 

Today my wonderful children once again focused my attention on what a dismal example of a domestic goddess I am.  It went like this:

S: (in an unusual flurry of domestic energy)  Kids, please help to clean up the lounge.  Take all your toys to your rooms.

B: (frowning in consternation)  Who is coming to visit, Mommy?

Carien has been asking me that for the rest of the evening.  She is flat out convinced that we are expecting visitors because her mom caught a cleaning bug.

So yes, my children believe that cleaning up is only for the benefit of strangers.  Ouch.  Could someone please come and help me?  I need to get the dagger removed from between my shoulder blades.

*Like viruses.  Just pretentious.


10 Responses

  1. I’ve been following your blog since you started it! I’ve never know what to say. (not that is a good enough excuse!) but todays post spoke to me. I love Carien’s answer! Something my girls would say probably if I asked them! 🙂

  2. Ha! I know our house is in a real awful state when DH stands looking around and announces that it is time to invite someone over… It is simply a fact of life – guests = cleaning.

  3. Hi Suzanne…So glad that Wouter’s fever is gone…I totally get you and the housework thing…I am the same…What is it they say about out of the mouth’s of babes…and it really does not matter – at the end of the day – you are living and loving life with your children and hubby – Where should housework fit into that…Lots of love

  4. lol Kids they know how to get a dig in even in innocence.
    Dont stress Suzanne no-one is going to expect to be able to eat off your floors and if they do they are the weird ones =P

  5. Exactly, Barb, and besides, I’d probably eat off your floor anyway, Suzanne. I feel it is important to challenge my immune system on a regular basis 😉

  6. Good for you Suzanne resist the housewife label at all costs. I was told by my son that it was my “job” to make sure his school shirt was washed for today, this at 9pm last night. I told him that as he had been home lounging around for a goodly while before I got home from work it was not my job and that I got no satisfaction from washing school shirts, he is 15 for goodness sake, there is more to life than cleaning and having well-stocked fridge, like taking my girls for walk in moonlight and having emergency Lindt in the cuboard .. that’s my job

  7. loooooooooool!!! ek gaan dit sooooo vir ALMAL vertel.

  8. Het nou baie lekker gelag! 🙂
    So tipies kinders. My 2 jarige vra my elke keer wanneer ek haar in die middel van die dag wil aantrek, waarheen ons gaan. Om heeldag in haar nagklere deur te bring, beteken ‘n groot besparing op wasgoed & strykgoed…
    Is so bly dat Boeta se koors verby is! Mag al die virusse en slegte goed julle huis ‘n sidestep gee.
    Geniet jul naweek!

  9. Mmm…. Dis hoekom daar fairies in ons lewens bestaan !! Dankie tog dat LyndaLize nog nie kan praat nie!! Geniet jou dag!!

  10. Well, Suzanne, I dont think it is just in your home that a person “really ” only tidies up for visitors. You should see my home over the weekend. It is only because Nosisa works five days a week that my childrens toys are normally packed away 🙂 So, there goes your theory that you are not a domestic goddess!

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