Checkup time again

After months and months it is checkup time again tomorrow.  As a matter of fact, it is 3 months since his last checkup by Cristina (oncologist).  He received a once-over by Gerrit (paediatrician) about 6 weeks ago and got the all clear.  Now it is time for Cristina to give her verdict.  She was out of the country since the end of June – that woman’s diary reads like a nightmare.  I suspect she pencils in relaxation time otherwise she doesn’t get any.

Either way, tomorrow we are off to hospital to see Cristina.  I don’t expect anything to be wrong.  Boeta has been growing and eating and gaining weight like a weed.  He is doing very well. 

Carien is also better now.  She had severe ear infection again.  On Monday night she was feverish and barely slept at all.  Tuesday our fabulous GP took a look at her and showed me what a good eardrum (pearly white, almost translucent) and a bad eardrum (bright, blood red) looks like.  Carien’s left ear was perfect, the right a nightmare.  So she got antibiotics and is doing a lot better now.

Both kids are taking my father’s death really hard.  They miss him like crazy.  Both are acting up – Carien is clingy and needy while Boeta is withdrawn and slightly aggressive.  So they are seeing Annelize, the occupational therapist, to work through it.  They are very happy with the idea that Oupa is with Liewe Jesus, but the reality of Ouma being alone in their house doesn’t work for them.  It is going to be a long road.

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  1. Hope everything went well today…..glad you have the support of Annelize to help them through the loss.

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