I suppose it is time for an update

What do you think?

I’ve been putting it off because telling you about our holiday will take very long. But now I decided to just tell you about now and leave the holiday for later. I have to show you the photos sooner or later anyway so we will get there. Eventually. Don’t hold your breath…

We are doing well. Wouter started working again today (yesterday was Women’s Day – he didn’t make me enough tea but I will deal with him later) and he seems to have survived it. The kids are doing exceptionally well. They claim that their throats are sore but judging by the quality, quantity and frequency of screams they produced today I am not surprised. And not particularly sympathetic either. I’m knackered. Do you know how much laundry a family of four creates if you don’t wash anything for a week??? Eish.

If anyone of you knows of a bullmastiff breeder please let me know. Rupert, our daschhund (sausage dog), is completely torn up over Frieda. He is so alone. So we’ve decided that we have two options: 1. rehome Rupert or 2. get another dog. We decided to go with the second option. Now we need to find a purebred bullmastiff (not necessarily registered – we have no intention of breeding) for a reasonable price. We are not paying R5000 for a dog. But we are adamant that it has to be a purebred female bullmastiff. Their temperaments agree with us. So please let us know if you know anything. We (and Rupert) are waiting.

You may have noticed the SA Blog Award button on the top right hand side. I’ve never been nominated for anything, so why not! 😀 If you feel like it, please click there. In return I will tell you about our holiday soon.


4 Responses

  1. Ek hoop julle kry die beste meisiehond-pasmaat moontlik, vir Rupert — en vir julle — (en níé teen derduisende rande nie).

  2. Ek het die knoppie gedruk… nou wag ek vir die fotos 🙂

  3. Druk die groen knoppie…..

  4. Have done so and good luck with the puppy.

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