And now it is a week later

A whole week since the last update.  It is strange.  I have so many things to tell you but I just can’t write.  And as you know by now that means something is up with me.  I wish I knew what it was.  It is bugging the living daylights out of me. 

In the last week, in no particular order –

Carien managed to obtain her first black eye *.

Boeta’s artwork looked different from Carien’s for the first time **.

The children have been counting the sleeps until they get to fly ** *.

Wouter got over his age issues – for the next 11 months or so at least ** **.

We had a playdate and the kids got to play superheroes ** ** *.

I realised that I am insanely jealous of my sister who is pregnant ** ** **.

Our first “child”, Frieda the bullmastiff, had to be put to sleep ** ** ** *.


* Last Thursday, on Wouter’s birthday, Carien and the swing at the playschool had a disagreement about their relative positions in the space-time continuum.  Carien lost.  She still sports a beautiful bruise on her right upper eyelid and a graze on her nose.  Typically she didn’t spend a lot of time crying at school – she had different things to do.  But as soon as we were in the car and driving she packed out the tears and went at it like she only just got hurt.  Anyone got an extra Oscar around?

** Until now Boeta’s artwork was on exactly the same level as Carien’s.  She is 2, he is 5…  Also on Wouter’s birthday Boeta produced a picture of a sheep with the ears, eyes, feet and tail all coloured in the same colour, but different blobs for the different body parts.  Do you understand what I mean?  Either way, this is a major, major, major milestone for him.

** * We are going on holiday.  And we are flying there.  And I haven’t phoned ahead to arrange with an oncology unit to be available for emergency treatment.  We are so wild.

This will be our first proper holiday in almost 6 years.  I think we are due!  We are flying to Johannesburg on Saturday and will spend the whole of next week in the Gauteng area.  The children are so excited about the flying bit.  It will be their first time on an aeroplane and they are simultaneously ecstatic and petrified at the idea.  You know how kids are.  We have been counting the sleeps from Tuesday (4 sleeps) and it has been quite a discovery for Carien that the sleeps get less as the days go on.  Her little 2 year old brain is starting to fold itself around maths.  And subtraction, no less.

** ** Wouter was extremely out of sorts in the days leading up to his birthday.  Turns out he miscalculated and thought he was a year older than he is.  When he discovered that he was younger than he thought he managed to get over himself somewhat and we (I) will only have to put up with his birthday blues in another 11 months’ time.

** ** * The kids and I went to visit Sally and her children.  Rachel and Caleb are roughly the same ages as mine and they had a great time.  Mostly because there was a box of dress-up stuff.  So the kids all wore capes and ran around playing superheroes.  They’ve been nagging ever since for capes of their own, so guess what my next craft project will have to be….

** ** ** My sister is roughly 13 weeks pregnant and I realised that even though I don’t want a baby right now, I am jealous of her.  I’ve decided that it is a mind vs body thing.  My mind isn’t interested but my body is.  Tough cookies to the body though – we will wait a bit longer before adding to our brood.

** ** ** * Lastly the bit I really don’t feel like writing.  A couple of months after we married we got a purebred bullmastiff puppy and named her Frieda.  Through the last 7 years she has been the perfect dog for us – placcid, calm, even-tempered and somewhat obedient.  Depending on whether she liked the order she was being given.  Such a girl!  The last couple of months I noticed that she started getting old, but that is to be expected in a dog with a life expectancy about 9 years.  The last few weeks she started “aging” a lot faster but still got her butt to the bowl of cat food in a hurry whenever she got a chance.  Yesterday afternoon when I got home she didn’t come to the car and I found her lying in the garden, unable to get up.  Wouter took her to the vet and was told that she was riddled with lymphoma.

The vet recommended that she be put to sleep.

For some reason I wasn’t at all surprised when Wouter phoned to tell me that she had cancer.  I remember thinking a while ago (in that fleeting thought kind of way) that she looks like someone with cancer.  Maybe I’ve been spending too much time around the cancer wards.  Strangely Deirdre (Ethan’s mom) also wasn’t surprised to hear the diagnosis.  She saw Frieda about a week ago. 

Rupert, our other dog, misses Frieda so much.  He hasn’t stopped looking for her since last night.  Even the cat is even more than usually off her rocker.  It upsets me a lot when the animals are so lost and I can’t explain to them where their friend has gone.

What are the odds that both our child and our dog would have cancer???


4 Responses

  1. Must say, I grilled the vet about any possible environmental links between cancer in dog and cancer in boeta and I am comfortable there is no concern there, it is still tough to deal with in both cases though. i really miss my 40kg puppy…

  2. Oh guys, I am so sorry about Frieda. FOr us, the dogs are truly part of the family, fur babies no less. Love to you all. And great to hear of Woutertjie’s progress in drawing.

  3. I am so sorry that you had to go through THAT as well! I remember how proud and excited you were when you got Frieda…she was the perfect dog for you, even though I thought you were a bit insane to get such a big doggie. But she really did fit into your family so well. Much love from us!

  4. Suzanne — Frieda se weggaan is SLEG. (Ek verstaan uit ervaring). Alles beste daarmee. Dis sommer baie goed julle opad is na ‘n langverdiende vakansie. Mag dit louter vreugde en goeie rus wees.

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