One wish

If I am ever going to experience a groundhog day, let it not be this one.  I am so tired.  Physically and mentally.  And I can’t really tell you why.  There is nothing to put a finger on.  I am just tired.

And for some reason my hands hurt.  Not my usual thumb problems that I wear the splints for.  That comes and goes.  But today my hands (especially left) hurt between the bones.  I am constantly rubbing the back of my hands “between the bones”, IYKWIM*.

So spare a thought.  I’m not even wallowing in self-pity and you know that I love self-pity.  It is that bad.

*if you know what I mean


6 Responses

  1. =( sorry Suzanne. Thinking of you, always in my prayers (and hope your hands feel better tomorrow)

  2. Ai, my friend! Thinking of you and praying for a restful night sleep for you!

  3. Mmm…dra daai splinte – dit sal die gewrig bietjie ondersteun….. die koue help ook pleinweg boggerol!!!

  4. Baie sterkte Suzanne, mag als gou beter gaan, en weet jy ek verstaan die dinge. Onthou jy is baie spesiaal en jy is ‘n unieke gedagte van God.
    Hoop jy voel gou beter.

  5. I bet the cold does not help at all! Hope you feel a bit better today.

  6. Aggenee tog. Sterkte, en mag dit gou ‘beterder’ gaan.

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