I went to Bible study tonight.  It was good.  It was fulfilling.  It was interesting.

But what really filled up my emotional cup was when four of us stood chatting in the cold outside for a long, long time afterwards.  Discussing girly stuff.  Like husbands, children, pregnancies and whatever else came to mind.  We laughed with each other, at each other and I only got home at 23:10. 

It started at 19:30 and usually ends at about 21:30. 

23:10 is quite a bit of time after that….

I am really dreading tomorrow.  But my emotional reserves are refilled so I will start the day in the black.  I don’t expect to have anything left by the end of tomorrow.

Enrico’s memorial service will be held at 11:00 at Durbanville Memorial Park.  Please keep Enrico’s family in your prayers as they face this difficult day.

2 Responses

  1. sterkte Vriendin

  2. Suzanne, jy is so ‘n ongelooflike mens… sterkte vir vandag. Ek bid vir jou.

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