Even heroes have heroes.

Connor is a fanatic soccer supporter.  He loves Liverpool.  He loves Spain.  Mostly because his favourite soccer player, Fernando Torres, plays for those two teams.

At the moment the FIFA Soccer World Cup is being contested in South Africa.  Yesterday Spain played Portugal in Cape Town.  Through a lot of scheming (I have to find out how you did it, Nina) a message was delivered to FT, telling him that Connor is very sick and idolises him.  No one expected what FT did next. 

He phoned Connor.  And then the international sport star and the terminally ill child spent time getting acquinted over the phone. 

According to Tania, Connor’s mom, FT explained that he would’ve loved to visit Connor but he isn’t allowed to due to security concerns.  He asked if Connor could visit the team at the stadium, but Connor is too weak for that.  FT congratulated Connor on his birthday last Sunday and promised to send him signed soccer goods.  He said that the Spanish team would dedicate tonight’s game to Connor. 

The most touching part for me is the bit where Connor told FT that he was his hero.  Whereupon FT answered that he simply sees a ball and kicks a ball – Connor is his hero for fighting for survival.  Isn’t that the most special thing?  It made my hair stand on end, my eyes water up and I will forever support Fernando Torres.  He has a heart.  And that is a rare thing.

Incidently, Spain beat Portugal convincingly in Connor’s game. 🙂


8 Responses

  1. Now that could make me a spanish soccer fan.

  2. special

  3. amen to cat! that was really wonderful of him

  4. I’m at a loss of words and in tears!

  5. My hart sing — ampertjies in Spaans.

  6. brings tears to my eyes. that is so special

  7. Ai, en daar huil ek alweer! Spanje het nog ‘n fan bygekry!

  8. fanatastic !! WEll done Fernando

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