Pringle Bay

We are spending the weekend with Wouter’s parents in Pringle Bay.  Like always, what a joy.

We were supposed to drive through yesterday after Wouter (finally!) finished work but then we had to wait until this morning because he had to courier a stack of documents to Johannesburg.  So after he did that we hit the road and arrived in time for lunch.  I really really wish we could stay another day but being married to a conscientious workaholic does have its drawbacks. 🙂

The kids are having so much fun.  They really adore Oupa Skippie and Ouma Skattie.  I love it that they have such a wonderful relationship with everyone in the family.

On the way here we saw the most beautiful, perfect, horizon to horizon rainbow.  One foot on land and the other in the sea.  I’ve been so worried about Boeta and relapses and those kind of horrible thoughts.  This past week so many children I know of have passed away.  I haven’t met anyone of them face to face but the strange thing about this life is that you enter into a whole different family where everyone is connected by their fight against cancer.  So it feels like losing a family member every time.  Cristina, Boeta’s oncologist and the best doctor under the sun (except for all the other fabulous doctors that played their part 😉 ) is away until the middle of August.  Her mother passed away (she lived in Germany) so Cristina travelled there and then she has meetings / training / conferences/ something similar in the USA.  So she didn’t get to do Boeta’s monthly checkup for June.  And she isn’t around in July.  My nerves are shattered.  Not because I think there is something wrong with him – he is in excellent health and spirits – but those nagging doubts just won’t go away.  So I’ve decided to make an appointment with Gerrit (de Villiers – paediatrician) next week and then he can do the monthly checkup. 

Looking at that perfect rainbow I could feel the love and caring of the Lord enfolding me.  He promised not to drown the Earth in rain again, and I am taking it as a promise that He will keep us embraced in His loving arms.  It felt good to feel safe.

I saw Enrico and his family yesterday.  He was sleeping on the couch when I got there but Johanetta says that is all he does all day anyway.  He is so sick.  It breaks my heart to see him like this.  Please pray for this family.


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  1. Wonderful how that rainbow touched you. So sorry foe Enrico’s family.

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