On the other hand

During our BC* days I thought my life would stop and never start again if our child was diagnosed with a life threatening disease.  Now I know that life continues but at a different pace and in a different direction that I could never foresee.  One of the “side-effects” of our new life is that we have stopped doing a lot of things that we used to do and are now exposed to things that we never ever would’ve done previously.  Take last Friday for example. 

We were invited to attend a Race to Live event.  It is a charity that gives sick (or formerly sick) children the opportunity to ride in racing cars.  When I said “Yes, we would love to attend” I didn’t think about how fast they would go.  For some naive reason I thought they would be going at civilised speeds.  Oh, how wrong I was!  Those cars were flying.  And my heart was pounding.  I am a bit of a control freak (as Wouter will lovingly agree) when it comes to risky things.  No one can keep me and mine safe except for me.  So imagine my terror when Woutertjie was all strapped in, helmeted and briefed (by the driver:  thumbs up for OK, thumbs down for I want out and a flat hand for go faster) and then the first car took off and I realised that this wasn’t going to be a Driving Miss Daisy kind of event….

Boeta had such fun.  As soon as his first ride ended he walked up to the next car and demanded a turn.  He went in three cars.  Some of the children (whom I won’t name to protect their families’ pride**) didn’t want to go at all when they saw the cars come screaming past.  Carien is too young to do this and fortunately this isn’t her cup of tea at all.  It is too loud, to scary and too far away from mommy.

Boeta in his racing suit, telling the drivers how to do their thing.

Strapped into the harnass.  I keep on thinking he is all grown up but he is still so small.  Note the thumbs up sign.  As the cars came racing by we could only see the top of his helmet and his perpetual thumbs up.  The drivers say that he only dropped his thumb when he gave them the flat hand sign to show them to go faster.  Oh my faint heart.

Helmet on and ready to go.

The track were his car came past – those cars are faster than our camera is.  Every single the-cars-in-motion picture turned out to be a landscape study of Killarney race track. 😀

After his first ride – that thumb is going nowhere!

Showing how fast the car went.

Carien and I waiting for his next car to come past.

Doing his “I am a famous racing driver” impression after his last ride.  He is such a poser. 

Wouter Schumacher

With Sheryl Long, the organiser of the event.  And still that thumb.  He had such a ball.

Carien doing a bit of acting.  Just look at her broken teeth.  I’ve given up trying to keep them fixed.  She keeps on falling and knocking pieces off.

Boeta and Carien.  I asked.  He didn’t need to go to the loo, it is his “I am so cool” pose.

With Ethan.  I thought Boeta was the only child who insisted on wearing slippers all the time.  It took months to convince him to wear something else.  But Ethan does too.  So maybe it is something in the chemo?

Showing that he is still a baby at heart.  This is the start of an almost-tantrum because he couldn’t go in another car. 

It was dark by this time so they stopped racing.  I had to remind Boeta that Lightning McQueen (from the movie Cars) didn’t have headlights and therefore race cars can’t race in the dark.  He nodded sagely like this made the most sense ever and said that we should buy some for the cars.  So here is a warning to the owners of the cars – we will be back.  With lights.  And then we don’t want any excuses.

* before cancer

** Ethan


8 Responses

  1. wat ‘n lekker post! boys and their toys… kon nie help om op te let hoe mooi Wouter se hare lyk nie! 🙂

  2. Oh looks like he had so much fun!

  3. Gosh Suzanne he looks so small in that BIG chair. I felt slightly panicked just looking at it lol. Looks like he had a fantastic time, what an opportunity (and good on you for not pulling the plug after the first round lol – sometimes moms just need to close their eyes … and pray). Love the thumbs up and cool pose Ü

  4. Ja, nee, ek het gedag daai hand sou plat gaan een of ander tyd. Daai kind weet van voluit lewe.

  5. Hi, close friend of Dawn Anderson & Catherine here,

    Started following the blog when Dawn left a link on their’s during one of your harder times. Just wanted to say how well you all look and how beautiful you’re two children are. It’s so good to see & hear about you all doing normal stuff again.


  6. Die rumour dat die pa van Schumacher darem ook vir ‘n spin kon gaan teen 220km/h is darem gelukkig waar…Dit was absoluut great.

  7. Suzanne, what about you? Jy het mos ook gegaan vir ‘n spin – kom kom vertel nou toe ;). En ja, my arme 9jr oue kid wou nie gaan nie – I get the hint my friend ;), but my 3 year old went 2x 😀

  8. I love the concept! He looks like he had the BEST time EVER 😀 What a fun day.

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