How do you do

I’ve been off for so long you probably don’t remember who I am.  I’ve been trying to think of the reason why I have been this silent and I just can’t put it into words.  So to answer everyone who asked, we are around, we are healthy and we are doing well.

Quite a number of things happened recently.  Firstly, I donated platelets for the first time.  The blood service phoned me on Tuesday, 8 June and asked if I could drop by.  So I did.  What an experience.  Totally different from normal full blood donations!  For one, they have the most amazingly comfortable reclining chairs.  I must find out which brand it is – it would practically be a public service announcement.  For two ( 😀 ) it is seriously high-tech.  The needle is inserted like usual, but the tubing consists of three tubes merged into one thick cover.  Next to the donor is a centrifuge that separates the whole blood into plasma, red cells and platelets.  (From Wikipedia:  Intermittent flow centrifugation works in cycles, taking blood, spinning/processing it and then giving back the necessary parts to the donor in a bolus. The main advantage is a single venipuncture site. To stop the blood from coagulating, anticoagulant is automatically mixed with the blood as it is pumped from the body into the apheresis machine.)  I donated 240ml of plasma and 2  (yes TWO) mega units of platelets.  I am such a star.

The weirdest bit of the whole experience  was when my tongue and lips went numb – the anti-coagulant lowers your calcium level and that causes the numbness.  So as soon as I sat down they brought me a glass of Cal-C-Vita.  I had to sip on several glasses of that during the procedure.  It is amazing how quickly the feeling disappears.  Literally while sipping the feeling comes back.  While blood is drawn (about 30 seconds at a time) nothing strange happens and then when it is pumped back (also about 30 seconds at a time) I could feel the feeling go.  After a couple of cycles I was a pro and started sipping as soon as the return started.

My next appointment is on the 7th of July.  I am now a regular. 😉

Another big event was Boeta’s first hair wash after chemo.  Until then I just wiped his head with a facecloth every now and again.  Sunday evening, 6 June, he got shampoo on his head for the first time since January 2009.  That is a very long time.  And to answer the next question, he now has real hair.  Not just fluff anymore.  It is still sparce but now he just looks like a boy with really thin hair.

A bit of Boeta wisdom:

Yesterday he was walking around with an imaginary sword.  He pointed it at my mom and said “Die Here is in my hart, ek sal nie bang wees nie”.  (The Lord is in my heart, I will not be afraid)  A bit later, after she teased him, he returned, pointed again and proclaimed “Die Here is in my hart, moenie met my sukkel nie!”  (The Lord is in my heart, don’t mess with me!)

We’re not sure where he learned the original line.  We suspect it was at playschool.  But there you have it then.  Don’t mess with those with the Lord in their hearts.