This morning Enrico was sent home.  There is nothing more to be done to treat his cancer.  It has spread to his brain.

I am praying for a miracle.  I WILL NOT GIVE UP HOPE.

Please pray with us for this family.

Curse this disease.  Right now I hate it more than ever before.

I want to write something significant.  Something that will change everything somehow.  Something to make it all better and make this all a bad dream.  But I am sitting here crying.  I can’t even start imagining what Chris and Johanetta is going through.  My heart feels like it is literally being broken into pieces.  God please help.


9 Responses

  1. Oh that is so incredibly incredibly sad. Oh my! I cannot even being to imagine the agony, pain, desperation they must be feeling. Please let them know we will keep them in our thoughts and in our prayers!!!!!!

  2. I can think of nothing else! Even this world cup seems so insignificant to what is happening! Am I wrong to feel this way? No! I just prioritise differently since joining cancerville 😦

  3. :-(… no words

  4. We will all NOT GIVE UP HOPE on Enrico!!! We pray for strength and peace for his family during this unbelievable and unreal moment in their lives…we are holding the whole family in our hands!

  5. Deidre, I am with you on the world cup thing. A life is so much more precious than the soccer – especially such a young life as Enrico!!!!!!

  6. Ag Vader, help hulle!

  7. May God’s grace and peace be with them and keep them strong.

  8. Praying for them all, and praying for you as you face this grief, praying for God’s healing power if it is His will and his healing love if it isn’t .

  9. Hi Suzanne, hoe gaan dit daardie kant? Jy is baie stil

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