Hospital visit

Today I got myself into gear and visited the oncokids (more specifically, their parents) in hospital.  I am pleased to announce that Vanja is doing fabulously – she looks so good and her protocol is approaching its end.  Then it is 2 years of oral maintenance at home but no more long chemo sessions in hospital.

Connor was in so much pain when I got there.  He had his bone marrow biopsy and was hurting and nauseous and it broke my heart.  I pray that he will start feeling an improvement soon as the chemo starts working.

Enrico was such a treat.  When I first got there he was sleeping and I spent some time talking to Chris, his father.  When Enrico woke up he was in severe pain.  He said his stomach hurt and even though I could see that he was in agony he was so utterly composed.  It is immensely humbling to see how a child deals better with pain than I ever could.  Let that be a lesson to me.

A bit later I peeked in again and he was back to being his old self.  Laughing, smiling and cheeky as only Enrico can be.  When Issie, on of the sisters, came to put up a drip he looked at her and proclaimed smilingly:  “Just as I start playing with my cars one of you arrive.”  He is absolutely correct in that!

I love this child so much.

Both his eyelids are red and swollen today and it is being whispered that the cancer may have moved to his brain.  But nothing has been proven and I refuse to believe that this warrior will be beaten. 

Enrico said he would like Woutertjie to visit him tomorrow.  So tomorrow I will be back in hospital.  Boeta is looking forward to visiting.  He told me that he would wear a mask so that the germs won’t make Enrico sick.  5 year olds aren’t supposed to think like that.


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