Connor & Enrico

Connor is one of our oncokids.  He is 8 years old and has neuroblastoma.  Connor has been stable, with no disease progression, for a long time but now the cancer is back and it is everywhere.  He started with very aggressive chemo yesterday – he will be getting chemo daily this week and will only go home on Saturday.  His mom wrote on his blog that he keeps on apologising for being sick again.  He knows that the whole family will be impacted.  My heart is breaking. 

This is such a phenomenal family.  They’ve been walking this road for 5 years and still manage to smile.  Tania, his mom, is easily one of the strongest people I’ve ever met.  Please pray for them.  Connor is in severe pain, nauseous from the chemo and is getting his bonemarrow samples taken tomorrow – not a nice procedure.


Enrico you’ve heard a lot of already.  He is one of the original 3 musketeers – the first cancer children to be treated at Panorama MediClinic.

FLTR:  Boeta, Duran, Enrico

This little boy is such a warrior.  From the first day he has been the leader of the troop.  Even Carien is infatuated with “oom Nico”.  Enrico was diagnosed with cancer on the 20th of June 2008 – about 6 months before Woutertjie.  He also has neuroblastoma.  He was treated by Cristina (our oncologist) at Tygerberg Hospital but was then sent home since there was nothing more to be done for him using the government protocols.  When she started treating Woutertjie privately she contacted Chris and Johanetta and asked if they wanted Enrico to continue with treatment at Panorama.  Obviously they accepted.

Enrico didn’t respond to a lot of the treatment regimes but eventually he did and once the tumour shrunk sufficiently he was operated on to remove the rest.  That was September 2009.  The surgeons managed to remove almost all of the tumour and he had to continue with chemo once he healed.  But just before his treatment was supposed to continue he relapsed.  A mass the size of a mango grew in his abdomen within less than a week.  He started on treatment and praise God, within a couple of weeks the mass started shrinking and then disappeared completely. 

But on the 19th of March 2010, the day that Woutertjie finished with treatment, it was back.  He was paralysed overnight.  Since then Enrico received radiation and an assortment of chemotherapy drugs but he hasn’t regained feeling from the waist down.  And being Enrico he hasn’t let that hold him back.  He is talkative and funny and busy as always.  And a mean hand at getting around in his wheelchair.

I spoke to Johanetta yesterday and she said that Enrico was in hospital and wasn’t feeling well.  But he has regained control over his bladder which is amazingly positive news.  Earlier today I saw on his Facebook group that he wasn’t doing well at all but the last update seems to be better.  This child has been through so much in his life and has amazed the medical profession with his survival.  Right now he is fighting for his life.  Please pray for Enrico, Chris and Johanetta.  This is a very tough time for them.


5 Responses

  1. These stories bring tears to my eyes. Makes me realise that i must cherish what i have cos i am fortunate. Just not fair is it. Thanks for the update.

  2. Will keep them ion my prayers. These stories just always makes me so grateful.

  3. Oh, dear God!

  4. Thinking all the time about you guys, always in my prayers

  5. I pray that God will be with you wherever you are and keep you safe and sound. NOTHING can separate us from the love of God.
    My hart gaan uit na julle, ek bid met my hele wese vir julle. Liefde xx

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