Sportsman with a twist

Wouter informed my last night just before he went to bed that we are going to a fancydress do tonight.  Don’t you love it when you aren’t told things? 😉

The theme is “Sportsman with a twist” – the Soccer World Cup being 6 days away and all.

I am wearing a bicyling helmet with a can of Twist cooldrink glued to the top. 

Will post a pic.  If the lens doesn’t crack.  From the force of my sheer awesomeness.


3 Responses

  1. ENJOY!!!!!

  2. Nou weet jy hoe voel mans al die tyd. Hulle word immers nooit niks gesê nie, nie 12 keer per week voor enige event nie, ook nie 14 per dag, die laaste twee dae nie, en beslis nie 20 keer die oggend voor dit gebeur nie. Dit is ALTYD ‘n verassing vir hulle.

  3. you are such a cool mom !

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