Mamma, daar is nog ‘n krokkenoster

For the last couple of days Boeta has been off food.  Not so that it caused alarm, he just seemed like an unusually picky eater.  So tonight when he suddenly jumped off the couch saying that he was going to “spoeg” (spit) it came as a surprise.  And the surprise intensified when he ran to the kitchen and vomited.  Oh my word.  Did that bring back memories. 

B:  (crying)  Ek het gespoeg!  Daar is nog ‘n krokkenoster in my maag!  (I spat!  There is another krokkenoster – cancer- in my tummy!)

Me:  Nee man, dit is net kieme.  (No, its only germs.)

B:  Dit is ‘n krokkenoster!  Hy byt vir my!  (It is a krokkenoster!  It bit me!)

Me:  (trying to sooth him)  OK, ek sal môre vir tannie Cristina bel.  (OK, tomorrow I will phone aunty Cristina – the oncologist.)

B:  Ja.  En dan sit hulle vir my ‘n pypie in en dan gee tannie Stina vir my sulke medisyne en dan is die krokkenoster dood.  (Yes.  And then they will put a little pipe in me and then aunty Stina will give me such medicine and then the krokkenoster will be dead.)

The faith of a child.

Even though I know that he probably has a type of gastro (as normal people get) I find it extremely upsetting.  The first (and only) sign of his cancer was him being nauseous.  Equally upsetting is the way that he takes vomiting in his stride – he isn’t upset about the vomiting, just about the krokkenoster that he now thinks returned.  And he aims for a “hard floor”, ie not carpet so that it cleans easily.


3 Responses

  1. Mmm… Ons dink nie altyd aan die geheue en assosiasies van ‘n kind nie – Tannie Annelize sal nog baie moet kom “speel”!! Ons glo en bid dit sal ook verbygaan. Gee vir Boeta drukkie van Tannie Fanie en LyndaLize! *

  2. Sterkte met die spoegery. Hoop dis gou verby.

  3. This saddened me to read 😦

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