Back to school

Yes, today was the big day.  After a year and a half it was back to school for Boeta.  Strangely Carien was a lot more excited about the whole business. 

Yesterday they started telling me what they wanted in their snackboxes and today it was quite a mission.  They got cheese sandwiches, grapes and a couple of marshmallow milkbottles.  And cooldrink.  Carien has a Dora the Explorer box and Boeta used his Winnie the Pooh one from before he got sick.  And then Boeta used his Thomas the Tank Engine bag (thanks Tania!) and Carien a Barbie one. 

Added to that Boeta wore his current favourite shirt, a red Toy Story 3 one.  And Carien, obviously, wore her Dora shirt.  They were kitted out to their satisfaction.

On the way to school Carien was telling me what she was going to do at the school.  Everything got chanted in a rhythm that sounds like BAM-di-di-daaaaa.  Prentjies teken, maatjies mee speel, liedjies gaan sing.  (Drawing pictures, playing with friends, singing songs.)  Boeta was less vocal.  He wasn’t sure if he was looking forward to this at all.  I suspect he couldn’t quite remember what exactly school was like.  He was 3 and a half when he stopped going – it has been a long time.  What he did remember is that Ouma (grandmother) fetched him.  I used to drop him off on my way to work and my mom picked him up. 

As soon as we stopped in front of the house he screamed “Dit is my skool!!!  Dit is my skool!!!” (This is my school!) and unbuckled faster than I’ve ever seen him doing it.  He was out of the car before I could unbuckle Carien.  I attempted to chat with one of the other moms whom I’ve known for very many years, having worked together in 2002.  Boeta wasn’t having any of it.  He wanted to get inside.  With Carien hot on his heels.  She didn’t wait this long to go to school to get held up by her talkative mom.

When Riana (the teacher) opened the gate it was like Boeta had never left.  He slipped in, put down his backpack and flopped down on the floor to start playing.  The other kids were staring at him like he was an alien.  Riana has kept them up to date on his sickness and they prayed for him throughout his absence.  And now he was back.  They didn’t know what to make of him but that didn’t bother him in the least.  He didn’t notice anything.

Carien was a bit unsure.  For about half a minute.  When Woutertjie started playing (and ignored her!) she wanted me to pick her up but I was still talking to Riana when she wanted to get off.  So she plopped down next to Boeta and I had to steal kisses from them because they were too busy for me. 

Those traitors.  Not one tear.  Not one.

In my off time (what a strange feeling not to rush to pick them up again) I went to the gym.  It wasn’t pleasant. 

At 12:00 my mom and I went to pick them up.  Firstly, the other parents were so fabulous, welcoming us / me back.  It really feels like we never left.  Except that all the children are a lot bigger.  When the children came bursting forth from the door it was one of those moments when Boeta looked so very small and onco to me.  All the kids came out with mussed hair and Boeta … well, he has hair if you look closely.  But from a distance he is still very much bald. 

Once again, not bothering Boeta!

Carien brought up the rear.  She obviously enjoyed this a lot.  She informed Riana that she would be back.  😉

According to Riana Boeta immediately slotted into the routines – no fuss.  And Carien took one look and joined in like she does this kind of thing everyday.

They were so tired afterwards.  They slept (both in Boeta’s bed of course) for hours and woke up with even more energy than usual. Why would extra exercise give them more energy? 

Oh – on the way home they finally had their food that I packed so lovingly.  There just wasn’t time at school. 🙂


8 Responses

  1. Hahaha, ag Zani, dis so oulik!

  2. Very very very satisfying to read. A great story and source of inspiration to others.

  3. Is dit nou nie net weer ‘n bewys van hoe aanpasbaar kinders is nie. Maar dan ook, Woutertjie IS mos ene om die bul by die horings te pak. Go, Wouter!

  4. Dis darem lekker as hulle net so kan aangaan, maak dit so maklik vir die ouers. 8)

  5. Ek is baie bly dit het so goed gegaan. God is ‘n God van wonderwerke! Selfs met klein dingetjies!

  6. Dierbaar!

  7. Sounds like a great great day!

  8. I’ve got a huge grin on my face… my colleagues asked me what I was smiling at… Life is just GOOD! xx

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