News flash! News flash!

Since we went into the uncharted wilderness (what else do you call a place without 3G?) on Friday I forgot to tell you the news.

Friday afternoon the surgeon phoned to say that he had two potential theatre slots to remove Boeta’s Broviac line.  Tuesday at 07:30 or Friday at 07:30.  I figured that if it was done Tuesday the kids could start playschool the next Monday.  So tomorrow morning at 06:00 we will show up at Panorama and at 07:30 Boeta will go into theatre.

I’ve spent a lot of time preparing the children for losing Boeta’s Broviac.  Annelize, our play therapist, did her bit too and figured out that Boeta was petrified of getting hurt.  He kept on dodging the issue (as he does when he doesn’t want to discuss something) and when she asked him if he was scared of having it removed he told her that he was and that he didn’t want it to hurt “like the first plasters”.  It is a year and a half since the “first plasters“.  He was so scared of plasters back then because he equated it to the drips that he kept on getting.  So when he got the Broviac and the dressings had to be changed all the time he was petrified.  It was such an effort to get it done.

These days he couldn’t care less about changing his dressings.  And on occasion I have done it myself at home, not bothering to call in the professionals.  It feels strange knowing that we will never again go into hospital to have his Broviac flushed and dressings changed.  In fact, for the first time in a year and a half I won’t have to carry 9.5 x 8.5cm Opsite Post-Op and Tegaderm in my handbag for those wilder days when I have to patch up the lot while we are not at home.

I told the kids that ugly krokkenoster is now dead.  They like that.  And I told them that the Broviac can be removed now because we don’t have to put the medicine to kill the krokkenoster into it anymore.  Carien likes that.  Boeta was unsure how much he liked the idea at first but then remembered that I told him looooong ago that he could swim in the gym’s (die oefenwinkel) pool once the Broviac came out.  So I suspect he will expect me to take him to the pool as soon as he is discharged from hospital….  And then I told them that the “slim pypie dokter” (the smart Broviac doctor) is going to give Woutertjie special medicine so that it doesn’t hurt at all (insert dramatic arm-swinging here – the kids listen better if their mother is making a fool of herself).  Boeta likes this a lot.  What he doesn’t know is that  I told the surgeon to tell the anaethetist to load Boeta up on the Dormicum.  Yes, he will be fiendishly aggressive but he won’t remember any of it.  I am such an experienced onco-mom! 🙂


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  1. Good luck for tomorrow!!!

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