My sister Liezel and her family moved to another house on the farm that her husband manages.  We went to visit them this weekend.  Aside from it being hectically cold it was fun. 

Wouterman drove a baby quad bike.  He hasn’t quite caught the importance of steering yet so he went straight ahead into the flowerbeds, straight backward into the flowerbeds and redid it a couple of times.  Just look at the concentration.  Berno and Adriaan (Ada) are standing by.

Carien was very impressed with her new Dora the Explorer shirt.  She looooves Dora.

The down side of visiting on a quiet, peaceful farm is that there is very little cellphone reception and no 3G (internet) at all.  I am so starved of technology right now! 😀

If you have a lot of bandwidth available, you can have a look at Carien dancing and us taking a tractor ride.  I am still struggling to upload a clip of our apple picking.  It was fun.


2 Responses

  1. oe, lekker! plaas toe!

    jy het darem maar 2 mooi kinders

  2. You tell Carien’tjie that I think she looks JUST like Dora with her lovely haircut! xx

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