Ow! I am hurting! :-)

Oh my word.  I haven’t laughed this hard in my life. 

I’ve been threatening for a long time to make a calendar to show how many days we were in hospital, how many blood transfusions Boeta had, etc.  I finally started.  But this means that I have to reread blog posts.  I make a point of speed reading the sad ones.  But the not so sad ones are cracking me up.  I can’t believe that I’ve written some of the things I did!  And I am so glad that I kept this blog.  I’ve forgotten half of the things already.  Wouter and I are elbowing each other off the computer tonight.  We are reading blog posts out loud to each other.

So I can’t write a long update tonight – I am off to read my own wisdom. 😉

Oh – the electrician came today and fixed the house.  I’ll let you know if my hair is better tomorrow…


4 Responses

  1. And I’m so very pleased you decided to keep a blog!

  2. Nou weet jy hoe het ons slag-slag gelag…..

  3. Dankie vir die lag en die traan die afgelope jaar plus!

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