And there was light! And there was dark!

There is something wrong with our house’s wiring.  Any metal ends on appliances (like the bunny ears on the TV) shocks the living daylights out of me.  Maybe I’m just super sensitive to that feeling because Wouter can’t understand what I am on about but I called an electrician and he’d better make his appearance early in next week or I am going to shock him with my house.*

Anyway.  Back to the story.

Whether it is because of the dodgy electricity or something else, 3 light bulbs in our house blew (Is “blew” the right word?  I asked Wouter and he recommended that I should say the bulbs “went into a state of consistent and everlasting disrepair”.  Yes, I don’t know why I keep him around either.)

Anyway!  Stop distracting me!  You are obviously a very attentive reader and you are getting me off-track.  Please look away for a moment to allow me to gather my thoughts.

OK, you can start reading again.

Today was The Big Bulb Changing Day.  The kid’s bathroom, our bathroom and Boeta’s bedroom.  Wouter went from one room to the next with a plastic toddler chair and I tagged along to hold the lightfitting thingy after he unscrewed it and handed new bulbs and all those apprentice things.  At every room Wouter checked whether the light was switched off as he walked in.  So when he got to Boeta’s room, the last on the list, I didn’t bother double checking his checking.  If I did it may have worked out better.

So.  Picture the scene. 

Wouter is standing on the plastic chair and unscrews the ball-thingy that goes over the bulb.  He hands me the ball-thingy. 

Wouter removes the old bulb.  He hands it to me.

I hand him the new long lasting bulb.  He takes it.

He starts putting it into the fitting.

Which wasn’t switched off.

As the light came on in his hand Wouter nearly leapt off the chair into my arms but instead he grabbed the still unfastened bulb from the fitting and daintily dropped it to the floor.  Where it shattered. 

This was almost as funny as earlier today when Carien was sitting on his shoulders and spilt her cooldrink all over his newly shaved head.  I laughed so much that I couldn’t stand up.  Really.  Wouter didn’t think it was that funny since we were at the Stellenbosch Food Fair and surrounded by strangers.  Not my problem! 😀

*Maybe I should start looking closer to home (mind the pun :-D) to understand my recent bad hair days?

**  Wouter read this post and declared that my mind is also in a state of consistent and everlasting disrepair.  Honesty is so overrated.


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  1. That scene with the light bulb – we’ve had that too. The other one – bless his soul – has not happened yet, but is bound to any day.

    I just loved your post. So great to see you blog about ordinary things and not cancer.

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