Here, there, everywhere. Really.

All the people on the left.  All the people on the right.  And seeing as how my head is spinning at many many rpm’s, all the people who are sort of blurry in the middle too.

Peoples, you have no idea what is going on in my head at the moment.  I am having a lot of trouble typing this up!  My head and my body and my world are revolving at different speeds in different directions.  It is a bit interesting, a bit confusing and definitely freaky.  As long as I keep absolutely still everything stays in place but the moment I move anything I feel like those 80’s desk ornaments with different rings orbiting in funny ways.  Do you remember those?

I wish I could say that I did something fun and freaky to deserve this.  But no.  I changed from one anti-depressant to another a week ago and now this is hitting me.  I am still waiting to hear from the doctor if this is normal or not, but until then I am going to love you and leave you. 

See you soon!


One Response

  1. Aoutch — hierrrrie ding issie lekker nie. (En ja, as jy die 4 “rr-e” kan raaklees, het ek nog hoop vir jou…)

    Grappies opsy: baie, baie sterkte met dié “wangedrag.” Mag die medisyneman jou vinnig regruk.

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