Shiny hair, small hair, lots of hair

I’ve told you many many times that Woutertjie had nightmare hair before he was diagnosed.  He had thick hair and every single strand was more unruly and voluminous than the next.  Every morning I had to wet all of it and cow-lick it down to make him presentable.  I suppose we could’ve had it cut shorter but that was even more of a mission.

When the chemo started and his hair started falling out he was very upset – not because he would be bald, but because it was in his mouth, in his eyes, in his nose … you have no idea how many hair you have until you loose it all at once.

To be honest, Woutertjie has always been very naive and unconcerned.  Having hair or not couldn’t faze him in the least.  I suspect if we made him aware of how other people had hair and he didn’t he would be very surprised. 

The first time that we became aware of Boeta becoming aware, was when he started dragging Wouter to the bathroom as soon as Wouter’s hair was more than 2mm long, demanding that “Daddy’s hair must be such like my hair” (Pappa se hare moet wees so soos my hare).  Wouter started shaving his own hair as soon as Boeta lost his and you have no idea how quickly he goes through razor blades now.

The last couple of months Boeta very proudly told friends and strangers alike that he had shiny hair (sulke blink hare).  This usually after flipping his cap or beanie off if he was wearing one and then angling his head in a rakish manner, making sure that the recipient of the information got the optimum look at his bald (and indeed shiny) pate.  Strangers were completely taken aback when they channeled their “poor little sick boy” attitudes and then got confronted by this pride.

Now his hair is starting to grow back.  From about 2 weeks ago we can see the change day by day.  Now he proudly repeats the above performance, stating that he has “such small hair” (sulke klein hare).  And strangely enough, this seems to upset people even more than when he told them he had shiny hair.  Don’t ask me why.

Carien, the ultimate copycat, has started assuming the same pose and tells people that she has “such big hair” (sulke voooot* hare).  And for better or worse, she is quite on the money.  Carien has the same head full of voluminous hair – fortunately she seems to love getting her hair cut.

But with parents like Wouter and I, I shouldn’t be surprised at their hair issues. 

*voot = groot in Carien-ese


5 Responses

  1. 🙂 so glad it’s growing back now!
    Hope you managed to get that photoshoot

  2. Excellent!!! it is amazing how the lil things make such a world of difference.

  3. So glad his hair is growing back so fast.

  4. En net betyds vir die winter. Wouter is seker bly om nie weer die koue te moet trotseer met ‘n kaalgeskeerde kop nie 😉

  5. I’ve felt that beautiful soft head! It really is the softest thing imaginable! LOL @ Carien! 🙂

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