My friend Sandi

How to introduce Sandi?  I had just found out that I was pregnant with Woutertjie and was still completely shell shocked.  I didn’t want to spread the news around yet (first time moms are strange that way) so I went online and for the first time ever went onto a chat site.  A parenting site.  And I never left.  The friends I made on BN are priceless.  Even more so because I’ve never met (and probably will never meet) most of them.  But minor issues like that don’t stop us from sharing advice on pregnancy, raising mostly-balanced-children and literally love, life and everything else. 

Sandi joined soon after I did and her son, Nate, was born 2 days before Woutertjie.  When Woutertjie was first admitted to hospital on 23 December 2008 (diagnosed the next day) Sandi was one of the first people I informed.  I still remember sitting and waiting in Schnetler, Corbett, etc (radiologists) for Woutertjie’s turn to have a sonar of his abdomen and typing up the text message.  I was quite impressed with the paediatrician who hung around.  Little did I know that he was worried out of his skull.

Back to Sandi.  A couple of days ago she posted the next message on the chat site.  Nate has also just turned 5 and he is a smooth operator who loves big words (“I have a genius suggestion!” is a favourite) and money.  I loved this so much that I had to copy it.  Boys! <shakes head>


Not a good idea to ever nick money from my wallet – I always know EXACTLY how much is in there.  I open my wallet this morning and there’s R450* missing.  Rush over to my husband’s office to see if he borrowed some, checked in the car, my entire bag, T checked the house … suddenly I have an idea.  Time for a phone call to a local creche:

Me : Morning, Sweetheart! (sing-song controlled voice)

Alleged Offender : Morning back at you Sweetheart! (equally sing-song but genuinely light-hearted voice).

Me : I need you to tell me something and I need you to tell me only the truth. A “promise” kind of truth, okay!

Alleged Offender : Sure Mommy!

Me : Did you take any money out of my purse?

Alleged Offender : Oh maaaaaaaaan! I forgot to tell you. I took an Orange one with the Leopard on it, two Blue Buffalo and a Pink Lion. I needed some money and there wasn’t any coins where the zip is.

Me : (through gritted teeth) Where is the money, darling?

Admitted Mugger : In my Spiderman bag, in my Ben 10 box I keep my gogo’s in, Mummy!  I’ll give it back to you later. I just NEEEEEEEEDED it…

Me : xyz, you musn’t take money, blah blah blah blah.

Serial Thief : I always take money out of Daddy’s wallet and he doesn’t even notice!  Anyway, mum – see you later – I’ve got work to do!  Byeeeeeee!

*R450 is a lot of money.  About $70, from the top of my head.


6 Responses

  1. Sandi is one of the most thoughtful people ever.
    I mentioned to BN that my neighbours one twin daughter had been diagnosed with a large malignant tumour at the base of her spine .The whole situation was awful to live near to,nevermind be IN…Sandi sent a gorgeous postcard from Cape town (to Switzerland) saying how she was thinking of her etc…and the family LOVED that -its still on their fridge…

    Im getting all welled up thinking about it and the coolest part is that this is just one of many ways that she has touched us as a family and me as a person.
    I never say thank you enough but Im forever grateful…
    Love you panda !


  2. Sandi and BN rocks- without them i would have lost my head long ago!

  3. Oh my, that is one confident little boy. And quite the man.

  4. En hulle weet presies wat op die geld is, maar het geen idee van die waarde daarvan nie!

  5. 🙂 I need to start waking up earlier in the morning or I’m going to be BROKE!

    Can I just say, it has been such an honour and a privilege to have been in the Category D seats to view the *MIRACLE* that has been Wouter’s journey. His story has given me renewed sense of belief – that in this world that with faith all things are possible…

    xx (kel) 🙂

  6. That’s a lot of money!

    My kids would struggle to find cash in my wallet because we usually just use our EFTPOS / debit cards. I tend to forget when I do have cash in my wallet I have when I do have.

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