Ethan is done!

Congratulations to the Taylor family!  Ethan (the player) finished his 34 weeks of chemo today.  Of course it took a lot longer than 34 weeks to get here, with lots of delays due to blood counts being too low and all those other lovely bits of cancer treatment.

We met them last year during the Easter weekend when Ethan was just diagnosed.  Since then Deirdre has become my sister from another mother.  She brings out the best and worst in me.  The worst usually meaning that I let my mouth run off without my brain following and then I end up having promised the world and needing to deliver…  Fun!  Really! 🙂

I can’t remember how many times Deirdre and I had impromptu tea parties in hospital.  More accurately, we propped each other up on days that the world weighed us down.  And so we both kept going.

I’ve said many times that I wouldn’t want to redo this year at any cost.  But at the same time I wouldn’t change it.  I’ve learned so much about myself, my family and my friends.  And we met Deirdre, Damascene and the boys.  That makes it all worth it.


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  1. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

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