I need pointers

Please define “normal life” for me?  I am not sure how that works.  Since I was working full time before Boeta was diagnosed I never did the spend-the-whole-day-with-your-children thing.  I am deducing that one is supposed to take the children on educational excursions, to visit friends (obviously children of other SAHMs*) and other such things.  So far we’ve … uhm … gone to hospital a lot?  😀 

Give me ideas, please?

*SAHM = stay-at-home-mom


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  1. Dear Suzanne and Wouter.

    I share your joy at this good news. i never doubted for a minute that the Lord would heal Boeta with the help of the doctors, and now I am over the moon for you! If you would let me have your email address I can introduce you to a couple of sites dealing with rearing children tat you may find helpful.

    Wouterjie is such a star. Not only is he a really beautiful child, but he has shown such grit and perseverance duing the last two years. You too have been absolutely marvellous, so brave and so steadfst in your faith. I don’t often look at your blog, time restrains, but I keep on praying for him and for you all.

    May the healing be complete, for the rest of his days.
    May his life continue to be blessed and may he be a blessing to you and to his sister carien..

    I am sure he is destined for great things.

    The eye has not seen, the ear has not heard….of all the marvellous surprises God has lined up for Boeta.

    The sky is the limit!

    Now it is up to you all to start living “normal” lives again.

    Here are some suggstions:

    Spend a day at the Aquarium, but take along some tough paper and big wax crayons, and get him to draw portraits of the fish! Loads of colour and huge shapes. When you get home again write down the names of all the fish you can remember seeing,

    Make a fish mobile to hang in his room. he should be able to draw fishy shapes, colour them brightly and cut them out, Attach them with string to a wire hanger and you are on your way.

    Discuss the fish, which is biggest, which is smallest? Which is the prettiest and which the ugliest. That sort of thing. talk about it in the car going home.

    Can Boeta write yet? I forget how old he is.Get him to write a letter to his Ouma and Oupa, or tannie and oom, and tell them about the most exciting thing you saw.

    Make a kite and fly it on the beach.

    Keep a ‘log book.” Get a big scrap-book and let him draw a picture every day of what he did or saw or heard about, You must date the pics for him, but let him draw the pictures. He can draw himself doing new things he was not able to do before.

    I will think of some more things you can do with him in time. I wish I could visit him.

  2. Hello,
    Well done on the huge achievement…..God really does work in wonderful ways!!!
    As for the SATM thing….I still struggle with it as a (now) full time worker bee. But we did music groups, library story time and swimming. I tried for 1 activity/morning/day out then the next day home. Even now on weekends we have Saturday at home and Sunday as out and about day, I find the walls become too friendly 😀
    Good luck.

  3. opps should check spelling!! Should read SAHM.

  4. Sorry I’m not able to help. It’s been 7 months since we finished treatment and I’m still not quite sure what normal is supposed to mean for us. I pray you will find your “normal” soon.

  5. I must say, since I don’t have Johanna, my day pretty much consists of driving the kids to school and sports all day, with a lot of cleaning in between. I always plan to do something, but usually don’t get around to it. Caitlin’s educational activities are actually quite fun – I’m teaching her to shop. She’s pretty good at putting together outfits and finding bargains! The boys have homework! Can’t wait to see the kids at school next week!

  6. Nee ek sal nie weet nie, synde ek net ‘n antie is. Maar wat ek jou wel wil sê is, maak asb seker dat albei kinders se imuniteit hemelhoog is voor jy hulle na ‘n speelskool toe vat.

    Kinders bly siek aan verkoues en kindersiektes die eerste jaar wat hulle in so skool is. Albei die nefies het in die hospitaal beland met longontsteking.

  7. Liewe Suzanne, in die paar maande wat ek jou blog lees dink ek jy is ‘n ONGELOOFLIKE kreatiewe mamma. Cape Gate se ‘tonnels’ bring weekliks ‘n glimlag as ek daar ry… nou die dag se piekniek wat jy en die kinders gehou het – dink eerder jy kan vir ons werkende mammas idees gee hoe om die naweke om te kry 🙂
    Ek en my sussie (ons kinders is tussen 1 en 2.5 jaar)is lief vir Stodels, dit KOS NIKS. Daar is visse, voels, apies, hasies en nog meer en speelplek vir die kinders. As jy hulle met ‘n roomys wil bederf is die opsie daar. Hoop ek sien julle een van die mooi winters dae daar!

    Hoop die weer raak beter vir julle 10 dae saam. xxx

  8. Since your post I’ve been thinking about my life as a SAHM. I admire your strength and Trust in God, wow!

    As far as what is ‘normal’, I’m not sure either! I seem to spend a lot of time ‘feeding or preparing to feed’ 6 bodies in our house! I also am one of those mums who needs to go out and I do music classes, go for walks, playground or just play at home. I also have some ‘me’ time (like now :)) and I try to keep fit. Sorry not much of a help to you :(.

  9. Normal? I don’t do normal!

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