Time flies

While I was battling through every day Woutertjie and Carien developed in heaps and bounds.  My heart aches when I see how big they’ve become.  So this whole post is about what they say and do.  Yes, I am a proud mother.


1.  Earlier this week I told Boeta that it was time for bed and that he had to finish his game of bowling on the Wii.  He tried to sneak in another game but I switched off the Wii and sent him to bed.  He dragged his feet to bed, wailing at the top of his voice “You ruined my powers!  My powers are ruined!”.  He is barely 5, we speak only Afrikaans at home and he uses the word “ruined”.  Too much TV. <nods head sagely>

2.  Friday morning as I was getting dressed he asked me to “maak so two cheese dan vlieg ek soos Buzz Lightyear (make like two cheese then I fly like Buzz Lightyear).  The closest thing to two cheese that I know is Three Cheeses pasta sauce.  I offered toasted cheese sandwiches.  I offered pieces of cheddar and mozzarella.  I offered cheese spread on top of a slice of cheddar.  But the more I guessed the more impatient Boeta became.  After long deliberation and explanations I finally realised what my role was.  I had to provide the ambience while he prepared to dive onto our bed from the wooden railing at the foot of the bed.  So I cleared my throat and proclaimed “trrrrrrrr chiiiiiish!” – the sound of a drum roll followed by a cymbal.  And Woutertjie flew like Buzz.

3.  Let us not forget the food stories.  Sunday evening, after Woutertjie was supposed to be in bed already, Wouter caught him on the kitchen counter top.  He was scrounging through leftovers and told Wouter that he was “verrry hungrrrry”.  This after he ate his own spaghetti at supper time and then finished Carien’s as well.  He agreed to go back to bed with a vienna in each hand.  A couple of days earlier  he woke me up at 06:30 clutching a KitKat (left over from his party) and asking if he could have some “Chocolate Broken”.  Since a KitKat is broken into bits it is such an obvious name, don’t you think?  Since then KitKats have officially been renamed Chocolate Broken in our house.


For a 2-and-a-half year old this child is just way too cheeky.  And bossy.  And dramatic.  And a total hypochondriac.

1.  A week or two ago I heard Wouter scolding her, following by her heart wreching crying.  She stumbled her way over to where I was and flung herself at her beloved mother.  The conversation:

S:  (acting very concerned)  Wat het gebeur???  (What happened???)

C:  (crying pitifully)  Pappa het my geslaan!  (Daddy hit me!)

S:  (pitying voice)  Hoekom het Pappa jou geslaan?  (Why did Daddy hit you?)

C:  (stops crying, thinks hard)  Ek het gedink.  Toe word ek stout.  Toe slaan Pappa my boude.  Vuurwarm!  (I thought.  Then I became naughty.  Then Daddy spanked my bum.  Until it burned!)

C:  (restarts wailing)

Before calling the welfare department, keep in mind that this is the child that cracks up after being tapped with one finger – she just can’t handle critisism.  All Daddy did was tapping (not even slapping!) her bum.  But in Carien-world that was major assault.

2.  I had to employ all my speed typing skills to capture the following conversation.  Carien was walking up and down the floor, pretend-talking on a walkie talkie (holding it like a phone).  It went like this. 

Hallo!  …  Fine and you?  …  Uh.  …  Uh.  …  Nog nie.  …  Ja OK.  …  Hoor jy?  …  Hoor jy???  …  Ja OK.  …  Bye my Tiffie.  Sien jou later.  …  Nee wil nie.  *sing Bob the Builder*  OK bye!

Aan Boeta:  Dis tannie Tiffie.  Jy kan ook vir tannie Tiffie sing.

Praat verder:  Tannie Tiffie?  …  Hallo.  My hare voel lekker.  …  Kom voel my hare lekker.  …   OK?  …  OK.  Wag net tannie Tiffie (ek) kom weer nounou.  …  Hallo.  …  Hallo?

Aan die wêreld:  Dis tannie Tiffie.

(Hallo!  …  Fine and you?  …  Uh (like yes).  …  Uh.  …  Not yet.  …  Yes OK.  …  Can you hear me?  …  Can you hear me???  …  Yes OK.  …  Bye my Tiffie.  See you later.  …  No don’t want to.  *sings Bob the Builder*  OK bye!

To Boeta:  It is aunty Tiffie.  You too can sing to aunty Tiffie.

Continues:  Aunty Tiffie?  …  Hallo.  My hair feels nice.  …  Come and feel my hair nice.  …  OK?  …  OK.  Just wait aunty Tiffie (I) will be back in a bit.  …  Hallo.  …  Hallo?

To the world:  It is aunty Tiffie.)

FYI – Tiffie is my sister Chrismari.  How the nickname came about is a whole different story.

3.  Carien sat on my lap and I was rocking her to sleep for her afternoon nap.  This has gone on for about 30 minutes and I was under the impression that she was fast asleep already but I kept on rocking because it feels good to have her snuggled against me.  Imagine my surprise when Boeta calls me and Carien jumps up, yells back “Boeta!  Moenie jaas (raas) nie!  Mamma maak vir my aan die slaap!” and then assumes her sleeping pose as if she never moved.  (Boeta!  Keep quiet!  Mommy is putting me to sleep!)

4.  And then last night Carien was in the bath already.  Wouter told Boeta to get in the bath as well.  Whereupon Carien promptly moved to one side and told Wouter that she mustn’t get Boeta’s pypie (Broviac line) wet.  For such a little person she is so grown up about some things.


4 Responses

  1. Oh they do say the cutest things. Love the Buzz lightyear one.

  2. Ja-nee, kan sien hulle is jou en Wouter se kinders. Baie dierbaar!

  3. Aaaah, oulikste cuteste kinders in die wereld!

  4. Nou lekker gelag vir Wouter en Carien se segoed! Oulik! So bly oor Wouter se lekker aptyt!

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