Happy 5th birthday, big boy

Wouter is 5.  A whole hand full.  Usually he doesn’t wake us up when he wakes up.  Last night I told him that, when he woke up, he would be 5 years old and that he had to come and tell us immediately.  So shortly after 6 we were woken by an extremely excited 5 year old.  Carien is so excited.  She tells everyone that it is “her Boeta’s” birthday.  Will post pics soon.

9 Responses

  1. He shares a birthday with one of my sons 😉 ..one day he will be big and strong like my osn who turned 19 on the same day.

    Happy belated birthday lil Wouter !!!

  2. Baie geluk Wouter!

  3. Baie geluk met jou verjaarsdag Boeta, ek hoop dat dit sommer ‘n wonderlike jaar gaan wees. Bly altyd die spesiale seun wat jy is, jy laat my altyd lekker lag, Ek hoop mamma en pappa het jou sommer lekker bederf. Baie soentjies en drukkies vir jou en vir sussa.Lekker daggie.

  4. En dis ‘n man wat medies gesproke nie sy 4de moes gesien het nie. Ook maar goed God steur hom nie altyd daaraan nie. Dankie, Goeie Vader, vir Woutertjie se hand vol jare.

    En vir Woutertjie: Lekker verjaar ou maat! :):) ❤

  5. Lekker verjaar Wouterjie!! Sxx

  6. Baie geluk Woutertjie en Kie. Ek vertrou dit sal ‘n jaar met baie seëninge wees!

  7. Veels geluk liewe maatjie!

  8. Happy Birthday to Woutertjie!!! Congratulations to the rest of the family!!!

    I have just been catching up with your blog Suzanne – thanks for posting the pictures of little Wouter in his hospital environment – and the Big Celebration – and all the wonderful staff members that we have read about but not seen – and I must say that despite all the anxieties and the tough times, as a family you all look great – and if I may say so – in your photos, you look radiant, Suzanne! Well done to everyone for their faith, caring and hard work!

  9. Happy Birthday Woutertjie! It must have been a hugely emotional time for you.

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