How do you tune a fish?

One of the most popular South Africanisms is the word phrase term “howzit” (how is it) – it is used as a greeting.  Another slang phrase is “tuning” someone, meaning talking to them.

A popular joke a while ago went as follows:

Q:  How do you tuna fish?

A:  Howzit my fish? (done with attitude and hand gestures)

Woutertjie has rediscovered food.  And not just any food.  Plak -broodjies (glue sandwiches – toasted cheese, of course!) and vleiskos (meat food) reign supreme at the moment.  When he didn’t want to go to my parents’ house for Sunday lunch last weekend I casually mentioned that Ouma (granny) made vleiskos.  Before I could get dressed he was already sitting in the car, in his car seat, yelling at us that he was hungry and wanted meat.  Not bad for a child who had to get a naso-gastric tube not too long ago.

For lunch today I decided to make pasta salad with tuna.  Macaroni, tuna, whole kernel corn and peas, mixed with a touch of salad dressing.  Nice comfort food for me and lots of kilojoules for the kids.

It started off well.

I cooked and drained the macaroni and set it aside to cool.

I opened the cans of corn, peas and tuna and drained it.

From here on the wheels came off a bit.

Carien got hold of the can of peas and grazed her way through half of it, using her fingers. 

Woutertjie got hold of the can of tuna and grazed his way through most of it, also using his fingers.

Moral of the story?  One of us had tuna and the rest had salad. 

Q:  How do I tuna fish? 

A:  Howzit my Boeta!  😀


3 Responses

  1. LOL 🙂

  2. definately LOL 🙂

  3. ROFL – you’re too sharp 😉

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