The intellectual, the player and the other one

Of all the families we met during this time I feel the closest to the Taylors.  For one thing, Deirdre also yells at her children while she is talking on the phone.  So whenever we are talking the conversation is frequently interrupted with one of us shouting “Get off there!” or “Don’t make me come over there!” or “Leave your brother alone!”  Typical mom-stuff.

Damascene and Deirdre has 3 sons – Ewan, Ethan and Declan. 

Ewan is the big brother at what?  10 years old?  He is the smart one.  After doing badly in Afrikaans last year he got a lot of Afrikaans books as a Christmas present.  He spent Christmas crying because … uhm … he got books as a present.  Deirdre told me tonight that his highest marks this quarter was for Afrikaans.  Way to go!  After one of the most disruptive times a child can have he managed to do better in school.

Declan is the baby.  He is 2.  He is shy and chatty all at once.  Just a normal little boy.

Ethan is 6.  He is the one with Wilm’s tumour (nephroblastoma – kidney cancer).  And he is a  p l a y e r.

The last couple of weeks we’ve been having a wonderful time keeping abreast of his blossoming love life.  See, Ethan has his first crush.  On Monique, one of the sisters in the ward (if you follow the link she is in the first photo).  She is tiny, beautiful and married.  And has a child of her own.  Nothing to concern yourself about when you are 6 years old. 

It is so sweet.  He has a special smile for Monique.  A smile that makes promises of shared sweets and the last Rolo.  When he is tired of everyone else and grunts goodbye at the end of the day he spends a lot of time making sure he greets Monique properly.  With a drawn out “goodbyyyeeee” and a flirty shy smile.  Monique gets very aggro when we talk about this – she tells us to leave him alone and stop messing with him.  But it is so much fun!  😀

Being as enchanted with her as he is, one would expect Ethan to carry a torch for Monique alone.  But no.  Ethan managed to get another sister’s home and cell phone numbers today.  I hope Monique doesn’t read the blog – I would hate for her to find out this way.

He now has a special relationship with Elsje as well (on the second last pic of the linked post).  He told her today that he trusts her not to hurt him.  In onco-kid terms that is major commitment.  And Elsje told him that he could phone her at any time at all.  So upon leaving the ward he insisted on getting her numbers. 

This child is 6 and already gets numbers off women.  He has potential! 😀

3 Responses

  1. Oh he has and he is si cute!

  2. LOL! ja nee, ek kan hom al sien wanneer hy groot is.

  3. LOL that is so cute!

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