An angel earned his wings this evening

One of the stories that I wanted to tell you the past week is about Stephen du Toit, a 15 year old with leukemia who heard that a bone marrow donor was found for him.  That happened on Tuesday.  He and his family were so happy and he looked healthy and good.

Fast forward to tonight, where Sharon came into my hospital room (I had my umbilical hernia done today) to tell me that Stephen suddenly passed away.

He was supposed to go home tomorrow.  He was supposed to get his transplant and get better.  He was supposed to live.

Please pray for Stephen’s parents, Morné and Lindie and his sister, Milandi (she is about 12 years old).  They really need all the support they can  get.

My heart is broken.


9 Responses

  1. Oh that is so sad!

  2. That’s really so sad 😦

  3. That’s just too sad 😦

  4. R.I.P.

    Sincere condolences

  5. O, nee! Ai, julle, mens moenie vra hoekom nie, maar demmit, HOEKOM? Alle sterkte en liefde vir sy gesin.

    Hoop jy is ook gou beter, Suzanne.

  6. I am shocked about Stephen…such good news of a donor being found so quickly against all odds, to be followed by such sudden sad, sad news. My heart goes out to his family!!! May they be strong for each other.

  7. Praying for them, how sad to be so close and then to have this happen. I endorse you call for people to join up on the bone marrow registry it’s very easy and you could really save a life … the irony is that bone marrow is the one thing that can only be given within “ethnic” groups and there is a huge need for black people to sign up …..

  8. My heartfelt sorrow for Morné, Lindie and Milandi – it is a tragedy that Stephen passed away with help in sight. In time to come, it may be a comfort to know that he died with hope, which is a big thing, and that there is enough love and caring around that another human was willing enough to help to give up some of their own body for another – and that even strangers are saddened and can imagine the pain and loss for each member of the family, and to wish that there could have had a different outcome. With love.

  9. […] 2 years ago Stephen du Toit passed away […]

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