What a wonderful day!

Some days are better than others and this was a good one.  Such good news all around!

It was one of Those Days for Sharon though.  We were in the hospital for almost 3 hours just to get bloods taken!  But hey, that’s the way it goes.  Cristina did her rounds soon after we arrived and Sharon has to join in.  And it was a long ward round since:

1.  Enrico can move his toes when his feet are tickled.  This is wonderful because it means that the pressure on his spinal cord is lessening, in other words, the tumour is shrinking.  It is wonderful!  So Cristina spent a lot of time with him.

2.  They found a bone marrow donor for Stephen.  I can’t tell you how wide Lindie’s (his mom) smile was!  And Stephen’s too!  He is a very quiet, reserved child (and a very tall one – he towers over me and I am 1.72m) and I’ve never seen him smiling as much as today.  He even laughed at Woutertjie and Carien’s antics and of course, my embellishments of the antics*.  Stephen is in a 4-bed room and we joined him, Lindie and Milandi, his 12-year old sister, when Woutertjie’s bloods had to be done and my children were at their best.  Carien was charming and Boeta wanted to stay in hospital.  Normal stuff, in other words.

3.  Vanja started treatment today.  So that is another long Cristina-visit.

Moral of the story?  Even when you are done with treatment you should never think that you will know how the day goes.  But it was so good to spend the day in hospital with Enrico and Stephen getting good news.  This is the upside of this life.  The highs are skyhigh.


*I don’t see myself as constricted by facts so much as guided by them.  And if I can get a laugh by over-telling, why not.

PS:  Woutertjie’s counts aren’t so high though.  Platelets normal (233) but Hb 8.6 and white cells 1.2 with neutrofils 0.34 – looking at this we should’ve stayed home the whole weekend.  In our defense, we didn’t know that is was that low.  I thought his white cells would be around 4.  We are so blasé about his immunity sometimes and it is a bad thing.  We’ve been extremely blessed that he stayed so healthy throughout his treatment.


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