The bad parts of the day

I am backdating this post – I want Stephen’s story to be told the right way.

One thing I’ve learned from cancer is that laughing and crying go very close together.  At any one moment it can be the best of times and the worst of times.

Today was one of those again.

While Woutertjie was finishing up and we were rejoicing, three other families weren’t having such a good time.

First up, the Joffe family.  Vanja is the most beautiful 7-year old girl and was diagnosed with leukemia last week.  She was transferred to Panorama on Monday and will start with treatment next week.  She had her Broviac line inserted today.  Please keep the family in your thoughts.  They have a long road ahead.

Secondly, the Du Toits.  Stephen is 15 and also has leukemia.  He was diagnosed last year and responded really well to treatment.  Earlier this year he was declared to be in remission.  Then he suddenly relapsed about 10 days ago, after being on maintenance treatment for only 3 days.  He was supposed to start school again this past Monday and it really got to him being stuck in hospital again.  He needs a bone marrow transplant now and today they heard that his parents and sister aren’t matches.  This is quite a blow since the odds for a match drops to one in thousands when you start looking out of the family.  Now it is off to the national donor registry.  If you aren’t on the registry yet, get yourself over there and register.  I have spoken.

Lastly, the Fourie family.  Enrico has been complaining for several days about a sore tummy and it got so bad that he was hospitalised.  Since he recently had a scan he couldn’t be scanned again but sonar didn’t pick up anything untoward.  On Wednesday he said that he legs hurt and yesterday he couldn’t walk.  Dr Adri van der Walt, a paediatrician that does a lot of neurological work, was called in and after checking everything out the doctors decided that he probably had side-effects of the new chemo that he is getting.  This morning when he woke up he couldn’t move his legs.  Literally overnight he became paralysed from the waist down.

Enrico was taken for an emergency MRI which showed a tumour growing on / in his spine, pressing against his spinal cord.  While still under anaesthetic (Elizna and Nicci did his too) he was taken to the radiation bunker and had emergency radiation.  (With Woutertjie they planned a week before they started the radiation.)  Enrico will receive daily radiation for the next 4 days while continueing with radiation.  Please keep this little fighter in your prayers.   He has been through so much already.  To his parents, Chris and Johanetta, you are special people.  Really special.


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  1. oh, man. Please, just tell them I’m thinking of them.

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