Today a year ago Woutertjie went for his 10 weeks scan.  The one that he wasn’t supposed to be alive for.  The one after which we waited hours for the results.  And then of course, the one that showed no trace of cancer.  Today is a good day.

Rejoice with us.


8 Responses

  1. Amen

  2. What an amazing anniversary! Halleluja!

  3. Something really worth celebrating!!!

  4. Woohoo!! What a fabulous thing to celebrate!

  5. Ek stuur balonne, fluitjies en groot bottels sjampanje! Wat ‘n wonderlike Hemelse Vader het ons nie

  6. Ons dien ‘n Almagtige God! Dankie dankie dankie!

  7. Baie bly saam met julle!

  8. What a fantastic thing to celebrate!!! You as a family and as parents are so fortunate and blessed to enjoy such a celebration!! Give our “celebration” a big kiss…

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