Musical beds

Do you have children?  Then you’ve probably played musical beds.  Those times where you wake up in a strange bed even though you distinctly remember getting into the right one the previous evening.  The worst times are those where you jump out of bed before you are awake (because even fast asleep a parent can distinguish the dull thud that means a toddler dreamt he could fly) to find out that you aren’t in your own bed and there is in fact a wall where you expected floor.  The imprint of the textured wall turns your forehead into an immediate conversation piece.  All things considered, it would be a lot less painful to show up at work in your underwear.  That way people will still converse about you but you won’t walk around with a splitting headache the whole day.  Think about it.

Back to the story.

Last night I watched Seabiscuit on TV while Wouter put the kids to bed.  Usually Wouter reads them Bible stories (note the plural) and then lies with Boeta in his bed while I take Carien to her bed.  Usually we both fall asleep with them in their beds and then wake up sometime during the night with the whole house still lit up like a Christmas tree.*  Boeat and Carien decided they didn’t want to sleep in their own beds and ended up with Wouter in our bed.  When I went to bed I planned on carrying the kids to their own beds but then this scene greeted me. 

How could I possibly disturb them?  So I ended up in Carien’s bed and Wouter soon after that found a kick-free space in Boeta’s bed.  Carien has a lethal kicking foot.  During the night Carien cried and I went to our bed, Boeta decided to join Wouter and Wouter then migrated to Carien’s bed. 

Moral of the story?  I have no idea.  Think up something and let me know.


*Which reminds me.  Our outside tree is still decorated with all the Christmas things.  Even the string of lights is still hanging.  My dear husband must really do something about that soon.  Got that Baby?


6 Responses

  1. WOW. What a beautiful picture!!!! Just look how lovingly and protectively Boeta has his hands on Carien’s leg…they look totally happy all three of them together.

  2. Oh this all sound so familiar. We only have one that consistently stay in her bed. But funny enough, none of ours actually stays in our bed for very long – daddy snores to loudly!

  3. Darem bly Lyndalize is ons enigste lieflyfie en slaap in ‘n kot waarin ons verseker nie sal pas nie en waaruit sy (Dank Vader) nog nie self kan migreer nie 😉
    Pragtig die boetie-en-sussie bond so as hulle slaap……

  4. Pragtige foto. Lekker gelag. Vriendin, sterkte vir die laaste opdraende. Mag alles daarvandaan net goed gaan.

  5. Pragtige foto dit het my so baie laat dink aan ons babadogter [wat die 22ste van die maand al 27 word] vir my so uit die bed gekry het om by haar pa te lê. Los maar die ligte, tyd vlieg so vinnig een van die dae weer Kersfees dan kan dit net weer aan “geswitch” word
    Voorspoed met die laaste trek en ons hoop om nog altyd updates te kry wanneer dinge weer goed gaan

  6. Love the photo!

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