Do you know what I just realised?

Today is the 12th of March.  Woutertjie was supposed to finish treatment today.  And I only remembered because Deirdre (Ethan’s mom) reminded me.  I am always amazed at how one adjusts to changes. 

I think I am supposed to be all broken up because today isn’t the last day but I’m not.  I was never ready for it.  I am however ready for next Friday to be The Day.  Strange.

We have a busy time ahead. 

On Monday the 15th my baby sister turns 26.  She is practically ancient.  Do you think she will appreciate a voucher from her local pharmacy?  For all the essentials of growing old.  Hearing aids, denture glue, that kind of stuff.

On Friday the 19th Woutertjie is finishing his treatment.  I am ready for the 19th. 

On Monday the 22nd my brother turns 33.  Unlike Tif he is in the prime of his life.  Double standards are a bitc drag.

On Friday the 26th I am going to hospital for an umbilical hernia (naelbreuk) repair.  I first noticed it after Woutertjie was born and it got progressively worse.  The last couple of weeks it is starting to hurt when the kids jump on me so De Bruintjie, our GP, sent me to a surgeon to check it out and the surgeon decided that it had to be fixed soon.  I was supposed to go in on the 19th but with the chemo being postponed I had to postpone that as well.  I already have the whole hospital (I am going to Panorama too) geared for my arrival.  I made it clear to the client services ladies that I expect their constant attention.  They laughed at me and told me to dream on.  I told the Discovery rep (Ria) that I expect VIP treatment and lots of gifts from Discovery.  She too laughed at me.  I told the catering ladies that I was coming in and they started arranging their schedules to miss me.  I think they are all trying to tell me something.  But what could it be?


2 Responses

  1. Haha…. just make sure they only fix the hernia!

  2. Ancient? Sheez! Thanx. . .

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