Today we went somewhere but I can’t tell you where.

We almost met someone but I can’t tell you who.

We did something but I can’t tell you what.

I should be able to tell you about it in a couple of days’ time but I don’t know when.

I hate keeping secrets!


9 Responses

  1. Oh it sounds exciting!

  2. As dit Edward Cullen is, stuur hom vir my aan asb.

  3. Sounds very exciting, and I think you should have a guessing game… I guess Lance Armstrong 😉

  4. Now you have me curious! I guess anyone I would name would be a major projection. So rather I want to ditto Jeanette with Lance Armstrong who as far as I also had a detour with the big C (?) and he is in CT

  5. Lol! That sounds great!! I also go with Lance. Would love to meet him too. My brother is a cyclist, so I grew up with pictures and photos of all the great cyclists strewn across our house…. Whoever it was, I hope you had a wonderful day!!

  6. Net vir die rekord, ekt my hare ook afgeskeer met ‘n nr 4 by die shavethon! Sterkte, dink aan julle!
    lief jou

  7. So was dit Lance??

  8. I’m going with with Lance as well

  9. you cant do this to us. its just not fair !!!!

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