Shavathon 2010

Last year this time we attended the Shavathon, a fundraising event for the Cancer Association of South Africa.  Woutertjie couldn’t attend because he was neutropenic but the rest of us and the whole of my family were there and got shaved or sprayed. 

This year Boeta could attend as well.  He loved being the centre of attention (after all, this is an onko-kid at a cancer event – people notice) and was soliciting photos from everyone with cameras.  Seriously.  He walked up to complete strangers and ordered them to take a picture of him and Carien.  She was tagging along in awe of her big brother.  There were two poses.  The one is where the two are hugging each other and the other is where Woutertjie stands with his legs spread and his arms raised above his head in a victory stance. 

The victory thing is because Woutertjie, Ethan and Justin were at the event and were presented with CANSA medals.  Boeta knows about medallions (having watched Gummi Bears too many times) and asked what was written on it.  I told him it said that he was a winner.  Something obviously clicked because subsequently he walked up to everyone he saw, posed the victory pose and proclaimed that he was a winner and they couldn’t be winners because they had hair.

Have I told you how proud he is of his hair (or lack of it)?  He walks up to strangers (are you detecting a pattern here?) and proudly tells them “my hare is so blink” (my hair is shiny).  This child has obviously never heard of having issues.


7 Responses

  1. Go, Woutertjie!!

  2. Wonderful that he does not have issues. And I am so glad he got his victory “dance” and stance in.

  3. Dierbaar! Ek het laasweek my hare gaan spuit en teen die end van die week nog met pienk kolle op my kopvel gesit. Maar ek het stunning gelyk….soos die brommer vir die vlieg gesê het.

    Ek het liefs nie my hare afgeskeer nie. Ek het my hare as baba als verloor en was vir meer as ‘n jaar kaalkop – die fotos vertel hulle eie storie en soos Kojak gesê het, daar is net ‘n paar mense met perfekte koppe. Die res moet hulle s’n met hare verdoesel. Ek val in laasgenoemde kategorie.

  4. Woohoo for Woutertjie 🙂 He’s such an amazing child!

  5. Was a Volunteer sprayer and shaver at the Lambton Mall in Germiston this year.

  6. Hy is vrek oulik! Wens ek kon daai “pose” sien! En hy IS ‘n wenner!

  7. He IS a winner. Just like his mum and dad!
    I am glad he knows it and is proud.

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