I have no idea what to write today

I feel guilty for not updating more frequently the last couple of weeks, but I have nothing to say today.  A rare occurence indeed.

I suspect my lack of communication skills could be attributed to the recent weather.  It is hot in Cape Town.  Usually we have one or two scorching days before it cools off a bit.  The last few days have been hot, boiling and sweltering, respectively.  And apparently we have another one of those coming up tomorrow. 

The problem is two-fold.  Firstly, I get hot easily.  And secondly, I’m not a nice person when I am hot.  This morning at 09:30 it was 28 degrees.  I don’t know what the maximum temperature was.  But I do know that as soon as I poked my nose out of the air-conditioned hospital the sweat was pouring off me. 

Soon after we started dating Wouter learned the hard way not to mess with me when I am hot.  And not to touch me.  And talking to me isn’t always safe either.  What can I say?  Heat shorts out my civility circuits and I go medieval on the poor sod who gets in my personal space.  Or my personal space’s space.  Not that I have aggression issues or anything. 

Wouter, bless his soul, has mostly made peace with my medical condition (obviously it isn’t my fault so it has to be a medical condition).  Whenever he sees that I am starting to overheat he keeps his distance and doesn’t ask irritating questions like “what is the matter?” or “can I get you something?’.  And most importantly he has learned not to expect conversation when I am hot.  So I would recommend that you take a leaf from his book and don’t expect too much from me the next day or two.


6 Responses

  1. Jy sê dus hot is nie altyd “hot” nie?!


  2. Wouter sounds like an angel.

    You’ll have to buy yourself a glamous vintage feather fan to use – you may even start a trend (especially amongst the menopausal crowds)

  3. I am the opposite – I am ok with heat, but do not mess with me when I am too cold.

    Canada is obviously not an option for me.

  4. Vir ingeval die nagte ook te warm is – ek het November – Desember geleer om onder ‘n nat handoek te slaap. Dit was AFGRYSLIK warm by ons vir weke aanmekaar (38 grade plus), en die nagte het eenvoudig nie onder die 30 grade gegaan nie. Nat handoek = lewe gered.

  5. no comment?

  6. Hmmm alrighty then, iu suddenly have a feeling of dejavu! 😀

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