Week 54, day 4

Boeta received chemo 5 days a week for 2 weeks and then another treatment on Monday this week.  Usually he starts dehydrating by the end of the first week.  So when he was fine we took a deep breath and were thankful for every extra day that we could be at home and not in hospital for continuous hydration.  When we got to the second weekend Boeta looked like he was starting to dehydrate but after receiving a bit of fluid on Monday (while waiting for the chemo to arrive) he has been in perfect health.  He is definitely feeling slightly nauseous but has only vomited 4 times in the last week and not at all before that.  His digestive system is still seriously unbalanced but life is good!  Our Father knows when to give the mother a bit of a break…  Being stuck in hospital during 4 weeks of treatment and another week after that while the diarrhoea settles is really not easy.

Unfortunately we don’t get the opportunity to do a lot of normal things even though we are at home.  With Woutertjie running to the bathroom all the time we have to … well … stick around close to a bathroom.  So for now I am stocking up on ideas of everything we are going to do and everywhere we are going to go in a couple of weeks’ time.  It will be fun.


3 Responses

  1. I am really glad that this one seem to be a bit easier on you all.

  2. Wat is jou planne na die laaste behandeling?

  3. Hi Suz
    Dink sommer vandag spesiaal weer baie aan jou, sterkte vir die week, God se genade is groot en Hy sal jou sterk maak en vir jou krag gee as jy moeg word!

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