Ethan’s opinion

Today we went to hospital for Boeta’s only chemo treatment for the week.  We waited hours for blood results (as one does on the first day of a new chemo week) and then he had 15 minutes of Vincristine.  Woutertjie has always taken an afternoon nap.  The last 2 weeks or so he hasn’t done that but now that the chemo is kicking he is exhausted and sleeps 3 hours easily.  He fell asleep at 14:00, the chemo was started at 14:30 and we only went home at 18:00, when he finally woke up and we spent some time visiting Ethan in the next room.

Ethan Taylor is 6 years old and is finishing up his treatment for nephroblastoma (kidney cancer).  According to his father he has the mouth of a 16 year old.  He is way too cheeky for his own good!  I think that is the reason why Woutertjie likes him that much.

Deirdre, Ethan’s mom, is also too smart with her mouth.  I think that is the reason why I like her that much.

For a long time Ethan has refused to eat hospital food.  The food isn’t bad at all, but he wants stuff from the cafeteria (which is hellishly expensive), not from the hospital kitchens.  Today Deirdre thought she would outwit him.  Ethan asked for chips (french fries) and seeing as how chips is pretty much chips, she asked for some from the hospital kitchen thinking that Ethan wouldn’t know the difference.  Oh no.  Apparently he gave the plate one look and declared haughtily “I don’t eat hospital food!”

There you have it Deirdre.  Get with the program!  😀


4 Responses

  1. lol!

  2. Lol Suzanne, you make it all sound so glamorous, when all it was was a day in the life of an oncobrat :D. I say brat because that really is how they become in hospital, isn’t it. Maybe its because that is where everyone panders to their every need..I mean please, where can you ring a bell and 3 different people come running to find out how they can help you or what you need?. As for getting with the programme, ill gladly do that provided that, my budget gets subsidised! Lol!

  3. Oops I forgot to say I like you a lot too ;).

  4. What a cool kid (and mom)

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