Dented for life?

I have a theory. 

I hate dentists.  Wouter’s feelings toward dentists go way beyond that, into the realms of despise-ism (or something like that, anyway!).  Carien on the other hand, was counting the sleeps until she could go to “her” hospital so that the “tannies” could fix her teeth.

I hereby postulate that

1.  a Love Thy Dentist gene exists and

2.  it follows a classic recessive inheritance pattern.

This theory is based on the following facts and assumptions:

Universally very few people love their dentists.  Dentistry is an essential evil in most people’s minds, and Wouter and I are like most people.

Children resulting from the genetic union of two Dentist Loving parents (those exhibiting the phenotype coded for by the Love Thy Dentist gene) are typically Dentist Lovers too.  Where one parent exhibits Dentist Loving traits* and the other doesn’t (non-Dentist Lovers) there is a significant possibility that some of the children will be Dentist Lovers while some will be non-Dentist Lovers. 

In contrast, children of two non-Dentist Lovers rarely exhibit Dentist Loving tendencies.  If they do, one would often find family members speculating about the identity of the milkman while they discuss the child’s aberrant nature.

If we had a milkman I would be wondering about Carien’s origins myself.  I told her about her impending procedure on Monday.  Since then she tantrumed every morning upon hearing that it wasn’t D-day yet.  She is definitely showing recessive behaviour!

To get to the facts (how boring!), it went well.  Carien was extremely excited and I almost cracked up when she went limp in my arms from the anaesthesia.  She was very unhappy when she woke up from the anaesthetic but thanks to Dormicum doesn’t remember a thing.  For better or worse, she calmed right down with Mommy’s bosom close by…  The dentist managed to save all 4 her teeth – another miracle in our lives since even I could see how bad her teeth looked. 

Since Boeta had a full day of chemo scheduled my mom took him over for the day so that Carien and I could spend the day in bed cuddling.  We needed it.

I have to admit that I am very impressed with Dr Young, the dentist at Brackenfell MediCross.  I may just end up in her chair myself.  But with a lot less enthusiasm than Carien.


*Of course, this whole theory takes on a different perspective where one of the parents is in fact a dentist.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the laugh! And so glad all went well with her teeth.

  2. SO SO bly als het goed gegaan… ek was vrydag saam met jou bang en angstig vir die operasie, julle was die HELE naweek in my gedagtes. een van my teorie’e (weet nie hoe om deeltekens te tik nie) met kinders – ook maar nog ‘n jong ma (eintlik is ek oud, kinders net nog jonk) mens worry in meeste gevalle te veel en verniet. Maar dis altyd makliker gese as gedaan. x

  3. Baie bly dit het goed gegaan. Was nogal bekommerd oor die stilte.

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