Déjà you

Oy.  It is hard when you start hearing yourself in your children.  Tonight I was in the bedroom when I heard the following conversation:

Carien:  Moenie Boeta!  (Don’t Boeta!)

(ominous silence)

Carien:  (louder)  Boeta!  Los uit my foeters (goeters)!  (Boeta!  Leave my stuff alone!)

(contrite silence)

Carien:  (channeling her daddy)  Ek hoor nie vir “jammer sussie” nie…?  (I don’t hear “sorry little sister”…?)

Yes, she is 2 years and 5 months old.  And yes, with my children one can hear what the silence thinks. 


On a chemo note:  We are now in week 53 of 56.  Woutertjie had Vincristine and Irinotecan today and is doing well.  Too well in fact.  It is freaky how well he copes when I am about ready to collapse.  I don’t deal well with extended hospital stays.  It drives me to drink.  And since the only liquid I can get my hands on is tea, I end up high on caffeine and acting even stranger than usual.  Which might explain why I am busy baking cake at 23:00.  Actually, I am done baking cake.  I am busy baking a second cake now.

Tomorrow I am taking both cakes to hospital where Boeta and I will decorate them for the nurses.  He is going to make a huge mess and enjoy every moment of it.  And he will probably eat most of the decorations before it gets close to the cake.  Oh, to be a child again!


6 Responses

  1. Oh sy is ‘n bekkige enetjie ne!

  2. Ai, lekker lag ek nou! Jy moet bietjie foto’s neem van die twee koeke as dit klaar versier is!
    Geniet dit!

  3. Baie lekker gelag. Ek stem vir die fotos – neem sommer van die versier proses ook.

  4. yay for you taking the cake stuff to the hospital for him to decorate! Clever mom 🙂

  5. Hmmm, wonder of Carientjie ‘n juffrou gaan word — ‘n opvoeder beslis!

  6. Ek kan nie glo dis al week 53 nie. Dit het soos ‘n ewigheid gevoel en nou is die tyd amper om!

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