When you can’t plan ahead, don’t.

By now you know that my main gripe the past year and a bit has been that we can’t plan anything because it always mostly goes south.

We plan on visiting friends and then Woutertjie becomes neutropenic (no immunity) and we have to stay home.

We plan on going away for the weekend and then find out that Woutertjie’s platelets are very low and we aren’t allowed to go anywhere.

We plan on just staying home and then Woutertjie dehydrates and has to be hospitalised.

But this weekend we managed to get it right.  We didn’t plan anything and then drove to Pringle Bay to visit Wouter’s folks.  Hah! 


Being (mostly) normal children, Woutertjie and Carien have tried to self-harm themselves the whole day.  They packed plastic chairs at the top of the 10 step stairway in Oupa Skippie’s house and then walked from side to side on the row of chairs.  Woutertjie barreled down the footpath around the front of the house and nearly launched himself into the street ahead.  Carien is at that awkward height were she keeps knocking herself senseless against shelves and cupboard tops.

In some way I had to bring home the reality that

1.  tumbling down stairs is not a good idea

2.  rushing willy nilly down a cement path into the way of cars isn’t a good idea either

3.  not paying attention and running into things isn’t a prime survival strategy either.

So I told them that 1, 2 and 3 are going to hurt them and that even Oom Gerrit won’t be able to make it better.  They are on egg-shells at the moment!  😀

4 Responses

  1. Had a good chuckle with your post today – it is so very true. Are you taking bets on how long they will be careful before injury occurs???

  2. Kinders bly kinders!

    Sterkte mamma, van duidelik 2 gelukkige woelwaters.

  3. Just typical kids having a good time. So glad you go the chance.

  4. kjinners!

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