OK. We are ready for the 5 weeks ahead

In stored-up entertainment, at least. 

After spending the last 10 days in isolation, I decided to risk Cristina’s wrath and let Woutertjie face the outside world again.  On Friday we went to visit Wouter at their new offices.  I realised just how little they got out when we parked and Carien piped up with “Mamma, ons in die kar wag” (Mommy, we in the car wait).  When Woutertjie is in isolation they wait in the car when I get out to talk to do something.  Before something tells me to be careful about leaving them, please be informed that I don’t let the car out of my sight. 😉

Upon leaving I didn’t feel like going home, so we ended up driving to Stellenbosch.  The idea was to see if the strawberry farms on the way to Stellenbosch still had strawberries in the lands so that the children could pick some.  They didn’t so we went to the Simonsberg cheese factory shop.  That has been a favourite haunt of mine.  I refuse to pay what the shops are charging for cheese and there they still have reasonable prices.  R50 / kg I will pay.  R70?  Not so much.  The children had such fun picking out flavoured milk and basically browsing.  It is a small shop so I could keep them under my eye even though they we running loose.  It is times like this that a bald child really helps.  No one complained when the two of them explored on their own.  Given, they were very good and looked at everything without touching.  And they chatted up everyone in the store.  I never claimed to have overly shy children!

Following that we went home.  Carien was asleep before we got home.

On Saturday we started off with a trip to Cape Gate shopping centre – the closest to our home and since we always park in the underground parking lot it is known as “die quick tunnels winkel” (the quick tunnels store).  Yes, our children have watched to many episodes of Gummi Bears.  Woutertjie absolutely loves shopping.  But it takes forever to get nothing.  He wants to look at everything and touch even more.  And I humour him.  Considering how little he gets out I think he is allowed to go overboard!  Carien was such a little star (as always).  She is a shopper at heart too.

When we eventually finished there we took off to the miniature steam trains.  Woutertjie wore his new Thomas the Tank Engine shirt and shorts that one of the onco-mums bought him, wore the Thomas cap that she bought and blew his Thomas whistle, also courtesy of Justin’s mom.  Carien also got a whistle and between the two of them they managed to make quite a lot of noise! 😀  Wouter’s dad went with us and I suspect he had an even better time than the children did.  Boys and toys…

Today we attended Daniel’s baptism.  He is Wouter’s brother’s youngest son.  It was a good day.

So tomorrow we are off to hospital.  I expect that we will do the day-patient thing this week and then I expect Woutertjie to start dehydrating by the weekend.  But this time he is getting a naso-gastric tube before that happens and we will try to keep him hydrated for longer before having to go to hospital.  Thanks for the tip, Johanetta!


7 Responses

  1. Really pleased to hear that you managed to get out with both the children!
    I have decided that boys will always be boys regardless how old and what the toy is – if it shoots, toots or has wheels they will play like 3yr olds!!!

    All the best for the coming week……oh yeah – what happened with Carien’s “half-tooth’?

  2. Good luck girl. Great to have an outing or two.

  3. Ek is so bly julle kon die paar dae saam geniet. sterkte vir die komende week.

  4. Bly om te hoor dit gaan “goed”! Laat weet wanneer dit tyd is vir n Kinderjoy of as jul iemand nodig het vir oorslaap in die week, dan is ek op my pos!

  5. What a lovely day you guys had! Sounds absolutely perfect and NORMAL… and nrmal being such a blessing! X 0 X 0 X

  6. Sounds like you had a fabulous day!! It must have felt like a holiday to the kids 🙂
    Good luck for the next stretch

  7. Glad to hear you guys got to go out-and-about over the weekend. We take this for granted so, I am glad you could do what the rest of us do normally!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be seeing you in hospital regularly for the next 5 weeks, so, get ready to drink lots of water 🙂

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